Patch #2: Paraphonic Synth unusualcallbox

Artura 6U Case

neutron ollie glennmoller


Patch #2 Klly


Patch #1: Simple Stereo Saw unusualcallbox

Artura 6U Case

Patch #2 DMAUR

Big Rack

sample processing (copy) soberinghearts

My speechless Eurorack

Nee Gt Vocording | Gt(Center PU dry) to Ears, OCTA cue L to Warps taroscifi

201228 Eurorack (copy)

Seventeen 2 Modular Techno DEMO OCTA cue out L to Ears Buff Mult to FB ADSR Trig & AM in taroscifi

201228 Eurorack (copy)

01-05-2021 Kick Drum HPF + Bassline Ducking Octavian

The Mothership Complete

Phased Awakening FredFoxtrott


Patch #1 Dombomb