NEUTRON MAIN PCB extension Red version

Eurorack 1U Intellijel™ format

All the power of Behringer Neutron combined in your Eurorack system!

This is a DIY kit offering all the components to convert the "MAIN PCB" of your Neutron into a eurorack module, in 1U Intellijel™ format!
Please note,
- If you want to use the MIDI THRU port, in order to respect the dimensions of the 1U, this kit requires replacing the midi Din connector with a very pre-wired jack supplied. If you don't want to use the MIDI THRU port, you can leave the DIN socket in place, the panel will fit perfectly. In this case, there is no soldering to perform, nor any "transformation" of the" main PCB "
- The ribbon cable between main PCB and the neutron is short, it is necessary to place the extension just above the neutron (I wish I am looking for a solution to create an extension but a component is not found :) )

A complete assembly guide can be downloaded here:

The "MAIN PCB" provides:
- Independent power supply, you relieve that of your case
- On / off switch
- USB port: very important because it allows the use of the application, which gives access to many features, options, updates etc ...
- MIDI THRU port: this port transmits data received via MIDI IN
- Easy choice of MIDI channel among the traditional 16 available
- Headphone jack on 6.35mm jack and its dedicated output level control
- Line level output jack 6.35 (for mixing console, audio interface ...)
- 6.35 input jack, it allows you to process an external signal (the signal is routed to the VCF)
- Detailed screen printing on the panel
- Also available in white, red or black panel

Kit contents
- 1 "ph modular" panel in 1U Intellijel™ format
- 1 Befaco™ TRS-MIDI Type B 150 cm cable to use the Thru midi socket
- 1 stylus to facilitate access to the mini "midi channel" switch and the "boot" button
- 1 pre-wired TRS jack to replace the PCB hand desoldering DIN base
- 1 potentiometer cap (knob) for adjusting the level of the headphone output
- 2 systems of squares to consolidate the whole
- DIN socket (if you ever wish to reassemble the neutron in its chassis, the operation is reversible ;) )
- M3 screws and washers
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Panel characteristics:
Size 42HP (21 cm), epoxy panel 1,6 mm.
Depth (with MAIN PCB connecting cable): 63 mm.
PCB in epoxy FR4 dual layer, 1,6 mm. Surface finish HASL.

The price excluding shipping costs !!

Manufactured by Christian from ph modular.

To order, please contact me ( the terms of payment, delivery times and shipping costs, will be detailed by return mail.
The payment will be in euros (€) and can be done by paypal. Delivery possible in the world, please contact me (
Shipping costs :
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  • Module does not draw current
  • 62 mm deep
  • Ø 5.00 (1 Votes) Average Rating

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

Module is a 1U tile.

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