MIDI-USB Keyboard Controller MIDI-CV Interface

Use this module to connect a range of popular USB MIDI keyboards and directly play your analog modular synthesizer. Polyphonic and monophonic operation.

Build it yourself - FOR EXPERIENCED BUILDERS ONLY - This is a set of 2 high quality PCBs and a front panel ONLY for users who want to purchase their own components and build their own module. Product photos show COMPLETED build. You can add a pre-programmed PIC microprocessor to the order if you do not have the facilities to do this yourself.

• 8 outputs supported which can drive 8 synth voices

• Command mode enables various functions to be performed using the keys

• POLYPHONIC PLAYING MODE - play 8 notes polyphonic using up to 8 synth voices

• MONOPHONIC PLAYING MODE - the device will play monophonically with the same note playing on all 8 outputs

• Various split-keyboard modes allowing you to group the outputs for better control of key shifting

The module (when using our front panel) is Eurorack size and only 8HP wide leaving room in your rack for other modules.

If you are a composer, create your own MIDI sequences, backing tracks or songs using your favorite MIDI-USB keyboard.

The module uses a PIC 24 bit microprocessor to convert the midi messages from the keybaord into digital codes which are then converted into gate and control voltages for 8 voices with precision DACs. These are buffered with precision op amps providing precise tracking over three octaves and to within 0.01V over 5 octaves.

The following MIDI-USB Keyboards are supported, others may work also.

MidiPlus AKM 320
M-Audio Keystation 49
M-Audio Keystation 61

Comprehensive documentation, parts lists and firmware are provided in the documentation link for building, testing and using the module.


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

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