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420 one BeardyJack

The Rack contains 34 Modules.

  • Did I do it right shares 49 modules

    Did I do it right
  • My purblind Eurorack shares 37 modules

    My purblind Eurorack
  • Ithai Mutable shares 28 modules

    Ithai Mutable
  • My osmic Eurorack shares 48 modules

    My osmic Eurorack
  • Clouds shares 34 modules

  • Mutable (Planning) shares 28 modules

    Mutable (Planning)
  • My harnessed Eurorack shares 37 modules

    My harnessed Eurorack
  • sds00 shares 33 modules

  • Future Mine shares 27 modules

    Future Mine
  • 50 shades of grey (copied from matkins85) shares 37 modules

    50 shades of grey (copied from matkins85)
  • My odd Eurorack shares 28 modules

    My odd Eurorack
  • zezic's Mutable Rack shares 27 modules

    zezic's Mutable Rack