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My unwarped Eurorack (copy) Ghostnote

The Rack contains 13 Modules.

  • Filter shares 20 modules

  • My choric Eurorack (copy) shares 16 modules

    My choric Eurorack (copy)
  • Future Mutable? shares 15 modules

    Future Mutable?
  • meme shares 18 modules

  • zezic's Mutable Rack shares 15 modules

    zezic's Mutable Rack
  • Structure shares 15 modules

  • thinkmorebrainly shares 17 modules

  • My Mutable Eurorack shares 15 modules

    My Mutable Eurorack
  • My Arturia Rack (copied from Healer) shares 15 modules

    My Arturia Rack (copied from Healer)
  • Mutable (Planning) shares 16 modules

    Mutable (Planning)
  • Current mutable shares 15 modules

    Current mutable
  • My Arturia Rack shares 14 modules

    My Arturia Rack