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cre8audio nifty case halvdan

The Rack contains 11 Modules.

  • My Actual Rack shares 10 modules

    My Actual Rack
  • Nifty case shares 5 modules

    Nifty case
  • My only Eurorack shares 4 modules

    My only Eurorack
  • My shortcut Eurorack shares 6 modules

    My shortcut Eurorack
  • My hapless Eurorack shares 4 modules

    My hapless Eurorack
  • First Eurorack (copied from kt_over_q) shares 4 modules

    First Eurorack (copied from kt_over_q)
  • MAX 430 ORANGE FINAL (copy) shares 6 modules

    MAX 430 ORANGE FINAL (copy)
  • My palpate Eurorack shares 4 modules

    My palpate Eurorack
  • Plump Lemur shares 4 modules

    Plump Lemur
  • nifty1 shares 6 modules

  • The Synth One shares 4 modules

    The Synth One
  • My enjambed Eurorack shares 4 modules

    My enjambed Eurorack