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This is a showroom of similar racks from other users.

My distent Eurorack Brooklyn414

The Rack contains 8 Modules.

  • My Actual Rack shares 10 modules

    My Actual Rack
  • My incuse Eurorack shares 8 modules

    My incuse Eurorack
  • eowave flat shares 7 modules

    eowave flat
  • Romantic Noise shares 8 modules

    Romantic Noise
  • DC’s Base Case shares 8 modules

    DC’s Base Case
  • Dreadbox shares 7 modules

  • custom shares 8 modules

  • niftykey to pair with moogs and matrix mixer shares 8 modules

    niftykey to pair with moogs and matrix mixer
  • Skiff v7.4 shares 7 modules

    Skiff v7.4
  • My Dreadbox 2x104 shares 8 modules

    My Dreadbox 2x104
  • My reality rack shares 7 modules

    My reality rack
  • Nifty case shares 7 modules

    Nifty case