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Signal Processor 7U CV Bus Case SlammaMann

The Rack contains 21 Modules.

  • NewFord demo shares 41 modules

    NewFord demo
  • 50 shades of grey (copied from matkins85) shares 12 modules

    50 shades of grey (copied from matkins85)
  • Dark Star commander V2 shares 9 modules

    Dark Star commander V2
  • wish list shares 37 modules

    wish list
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    blah blah blah Eurorack
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    clear out 1
  • My waxen Eurorack (copy) shares 18 modules

    My waxen Eurorack (copy)
  • blah blah blah Eurorack (ACTUAL) shares 11 modules

    blah blah blah Eurorack (ACTUAL)
  • Auxillary DAW and Send/Return shares 9 modules

    Auxillary DAW and Send/Return
  • My litty Eurorack shares 16 modules

    My litty Eurorack
  • synthi equivalent shares 10 modules

    synthi equivalent
  • Mortal Wombat shares 9 modules

    Mortal Wombat