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Data Bird Esoterica femifleming

The Rack contains 25 Modules.

  • Polyphonic Dream shares 12 modules

    Polyphonic Dream
  • Prefeble Eurorack shares 6 modules

    Prefeble Eurorack
  • 2hp poly shares 6 modules

    2hp poly
  • My umbrose Eurorack shares 10 modules

    My umbrose Eurorack
  • Polyphonic Dream Alternate shares 6 modules

    Polyphonic Dream Alternate
  • My unsent Eurorack (copy) shares 6 modules

    My unsent Eurorack (copy)
  • metron skiff (copy) shares 8 modules

    metron skiff (copy)
  • eurorack shares 6 modules

  • PSYREN shares 5 modules

  • My Main Rack (Pittsburgh Modular EP-420) shares 8 modules

    My Main Rack (Pittsburgh Modular EP-420)
  • Polyphonic Dream Obsolete shares 6 modules

    Polyphonic Dream Obsolete
  • Mantis 2*104 shares 5 modules

    Mantis 2*104