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104hp palette (copy) natebunnyfield

The Rack contains 4 Modules.

  • Intellijel palette shares 11 modules

    Intellijel palette
  • My unfanned Eurorack shares 3 modules

    My unfanned Eurorack
  • My nasty Eurorack shares 3 modules

    My nasty Eurorack
  • My insane Eurorack shares 6 modules

    My insane Eurorack
  • first shares 3 modules

  • 4u for Drum shares 3 modules

    4u for Drum
  • My lucent Eurorack shares 4 modules

    My lucent Eurorack
  • My mongrel Eurorack shares 3 modules

    My mongrel Eurorack
  • My attractive Eurorack shares 3 modules

    My attractive Eurorack
  • Pocket Rocket shares 3 modules

    Pocket Rocket
  • Aphex Twin (copied from Kefir) shares 3 modules

    Aphex Twin (copied from Kefir)