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rack upperside polyshaft

The Rack contains 43 Modules.

  • ES-9 theoretical maximum shares 16 modules

    ES-9 theoretical maximum
  • d1 shares 12 modules

  • Mini M.A.W. Control Station shares 12 modules

    Mini M.A.W. Control Station
  • FH-2 shares 16 modules

  • Expert Sleepers Box shares 12 modules

    Expert Sleepers Box
  • DNB Machine shares 12 modules

    DNB Machine
  • Pods shares 14 modules

  • TipTop Happy Ending I/O Modules 80HP (84-4HP Power) B shares 12 modules

    TipTop Happy Ending I/O Modules 80HP (84-4HP Power) B
  • center shares 12 modules

  • Last Stage Leader shares 13 modules

    Last Stage Leader
  • My lawful Eurorack shares 12 modules

    My lawful Eurorack
  • Bs - Sequencer Skiff shares 10 modules

    Bs - Sequencer Skiff