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DROID (copy) Karmacy

The Rack contains 10 Modules.

  • Driod Sequencer Build shares 19 modules

    Driod Sequencer Build
  • Duality Bottom V7 shares 16 modules

    Duality Bottom V7
  • dmdmm shares 13 modules

  • My painful Eurorack shares 19 modules

    My painful Eurorack
  • My awesome Eurorack shares 14 modules

    My awesome Eurorack
  • My dilute Eurorack shares 12 modules

    My dilute Eurorack
  • Duality Bottom V6 (All Droid) shares 18 modules

    Duality Bottom V6 (All Droid)
  • My Sequencer Eurorack (copy) shares 14 modules

    My Sequencer Eurorack (copy)
  • Frap Control shares 11 modules

    Frap Control
  • My inbound Eurorack shares 18 modules

    My inbound Eurorack
  • MANN MITT DER MACHINE shares 14 modules

  • Drum Beast shares 11 modules

    Drum Beast