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My happy modular wiggler1086

The Rack contains 90 Modules.

  • possible oscillator bank shares 36 modules

    possible oscillator bank
  • HECTOR (ADSR AD) (copied from chvad) shares 26 modules

    HECTOR (ADSR AD) (copied from chvad)
  • alechka shares 23 modules

  • My legal Eurorack shares 27 modules

    My legal Eurorack
  • HECTOR (projected CURRENT) (copied from chvad) shares 26 modules

    HECTOR (projected CURRENT) (copied from chvad)
  • Lex2 shares 23 modules

  • Mittenz shares 26 modules

  • My stupid Eurorack shares 25 modules

    My stupid Eurorack
  • ADAC monster shares 23 modules

    ADAC monster
  • Mittenz (copy) shares 26 modules

    Mittenz (copy)
  • My awkward Eurorack shares 24 modules

    My awkward Eurorack
  • My awkward Eurorack shares 23 modules

    My awkward Eurorack