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Final frontier done (Futur?) Andre Sim

The Rack contains 36 Modules.

  • My snubby Eurorack shares 42 modules

    My snubby Eurorack
  • doublecase shares 17 modules

  • My extra dumb Eurorack shares 14 modules

    My extra dumb Eurorack
  • Behringer Eurorack ProOne shares 26 modules

    Behringer Eurorack ProOne
  • Quadcase shares 17 modules

  • idea shares 14 modules

  • Behringer Eurorack ProOne (copied from 8-Bit_Heretic) shares 26 modules

    Behringer Eurorack ProOne (copied from 8-Bit_Heretic)
  • POD System (18U126) (copied from Togodumnus) shares 17 modules

    POD System (18U126) (copied from Togodumnus)
  • Monster (OLD) shares 14 modules

    Monster (OLD)
  • the joke shares 19 modules

    the joke
  • My annoying Eurorack shares 15 modules

    My annoying Eurorack
  • Sequent-C (A100PMS9) (copied from Togodumnus) shares 13 modules

    Sequent-C (A100PMS9) (copied from Togodumnus)