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PolyBoog-6000 Laserchick

The Rack contains 17 Modules.

  • My frowsy Eurorack shares 20 modules

    My frowsy Eurorack
  • Eurorack (dream phase) shares 9 modules

    Eurorack (dream phase)
  • A (9U104) shares 8 modules

    A (9U104)
  • My flitting Eurorack shares 15 modules

    My flitting Eurorack
  • 4-voice Polyphonic Radical Frequencies Modular shares 9 modules

    4-voice Polyphonic Radical Frequencies Modular
  • black livingroom shares 8 modules

    black livingroom
  • polydough (copy) shares 10 modules

    polydough (copy)
  • My Modular Explosion shares 8 modules

    My Modular Explosion
  • Side1 shares 8 modules

  • My Full Rack - Top shares 9 modules

    My Full Rack - Top
  • black livingroom (edit feb.2021) shares 8 modules

    black livingroom (edit feb.2021)
  • SFVDOPERRIGZ shares 7 modules