Power Consumption: 3161 mA +12V | 1854 mA -12V | 182 mA 5V | Depth: 115 mm | Price: $16,124 | Number of Modules: 211 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Timbre Wavefolder, Synthacon Filter - YuSynth, Miko Sequencer, Dtronics DigiDrum, Moog Vcf Clone Yusynth, ES202 - Resonant Equalizer, SN controller , M3T8G, Triple Barton Delaying AR, Living VCO (prototype panel), Passive Multi, Zeitgeist Delay (Rob Hordijk), Sample and Hold with VC clock (Music From Outer Space), MAQ16/3 Breakout Expander, Jürgen Haible Living VCO (Eurorack 21HP Panel), Dual 3-In-AND / OR-Gate, Dual LowPassGate, Steiner Multimode Filter, Dual 4 Inputs Mixer, DUAL LPG, Verde Spring Reverb, Verde Tube Modulator, Verde Mixer, Dual Amplifier, Buffered Multiple, Jmej 808 BD, Quad Gate to Trigger Converter, Dual VCVA, non-seq, Optodist (Custom Panel), VOLTS, Looper, Analog Bytes tbDSP, Euro-Microzwerg, 101 AMP, Uoki-Toki - Dual Polivoks VCF, CHANGER, RADIO RADIO, rpio, MUC-400, Triplatt & Mr. Mult (DIY), HDCV88, Papareil VCLFO S/H, Bistromath, DIY Slew Limiter, Lindhof Modular Triple Resonance Filter, Neuron / Difference Rectifier, mtl-04 A4 deck, mtl-03 switchatt, mtl-02 dpdt superswitch, mtl-01 spdt, Monorocket MCV4 Breakout, GX1 Bandpass Filter Module, YuSynth Minimoog VCF, Buchla 291 bandpass & 111 ringmod, w-163 Mixer Proto Type, Triple Switch (DIY), 29 4channel comb filter (Buchla Clone), Memory Manager, Grids expansion panel, Syndicate Modular Binary Sequencer!, Halfling Double-LFO, Halfling Switch-Injection, Spring Reverb, GorF XL, Random Volt Generator, Higly Liquid MD24, DIY Neve Transformer D.I., Thomas Henry MPS (Mega Percussive Synthesizer), Super 16 CV / Gate Sequencer v.2, System 100 LFO - DIY Edition, DIY Buffered Multiple, Simple Mix - DIY Mixer, Papareil Polivoks VCF, Super 16 CV / Gate Sequencer, 20 Objects - Ardcore001, OCTO-SEQ, VoltaFlash, LDR2Gate, Output, ReD Yo!, LFO? VILFO (resized), Voice of Saturn VCF, Voice of Saturn Synthesizer, Kayonashi, voxglitch cv gen, Super37 keyboard output module, Switch it/Push it (DIY), PatchPierre A-156 Quantizer Modification, PatchPierre A-118 Noise/Rnd Volt. Modified, PatchPierre A-127 Expander, 281/DRLPG, Quad VC Resonant Gate, Buchla 111 Dual Ring, 3 Att Mix, ARP Odyssey VCO, Pink King Fuzz, Thomas Henry X-4046, Dual VC Resonant Gate, Buchla 194 Clone, Tetra MAPS, DIY passive OR Combiner, A-110 VCO Linear FM / Soft Sync, EMS VCS3 Filter (YuSynth), ARP4072 Filter (YuSynth), Erwik Musikelektronik, e350 Morphing Terrarium Expander, Random Looping Sequencer, HELLFO, DIY Thomas Henry X4046 VCO