Power Consumption: 6864 mA +12V | 2569 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V | Depth: 53 mm | Price: $20,302 | Number of Modules: 101 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: RS-9, Echoes BBD Analog Delay Model EM-600, WT-QUAD LFO, HH8, SD8, BD8, Snare Drum (Black Panel), Hi-Hat (Black Panel), Bass Drum (Black Panel), ADSR (Black Panel), Error Drum gold, Mix BX, Variable Delay (Black Panel), Plucked String (Black Panel), Multiple (Black Panel), Line Output (Black Panel), Line Input (Black Panel), Stooges, MRG KICK, SH5-VCF, LED VU Meter, spanky eurorack, Rangoon