Power Consumption: 10155 mA +12V | 4834 mA -12V | 480 mA 5V | Depth: 65 mm | Price: $40,542 | Number of Modules: 235 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Barton VCA Mixer (Grayscale panel), Short Bus (H), STMIX (H), Modulator (H), Mult. & Combiner P-010/P-110 (H), Mult 2x (H), LPG, BLANK - SELL, BLANK - RACK, PS-3100 Double Trouble, Goike 122hp, Giant B0n0, BLACK 10hp MANTIS 104, Clawbell, Uoki Toki - BUM!, Fitzgreyve - Polymoog Resonators (black), batteryACID, MFOS Synthasonic 8-Stage Analog Phaser, uGrids