Power Consumption: 164 mA +12V | 104 mA -12V | 0 mA 5V | Depth: 37 mm | Price: $3,422 | Number of Modules: 25 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Dual LPG, Noiro-ze, Mogue, Shat-noir Phaser, Resonate, FK1T VCF, Serious Filter, 329 Phase/Flange, LPG, Double Penetration Filter, The Big Room, GENiE, Primal Hyperchaos, Signum Hyperchaos, Sauce of Unce, Neuron - Difference rectifier (papernoise panel), Bindubba Sequencer, Bindubba Sequencer - Black panel, Divide & Conquer, ARSEq