Stereo Thru-Zero state-variable VCF

Rossum's Linnaeus, announced just in time for Superbooth 2019, is an analog state-variable filter that offers linear thru-zero FM and true stereo operation. Covering quite different ground than the much-loved Morpheus and Evolution, Linnaeus is a worthy addition to Rossum's already remarkable selection of filters.

Linnaeus offers a remarkably broad frequency range, from subsonic to ultrasonic—and what's more, it provides accurate 1V/Oct tracking across the entire range, making melodic operation easily possible in any register. There are additional CV inputs for cutoff frequency and Q as well, each with their own attenuverters.

The Linnaeus's filter "type" is continuously variable and voltage controllable, offering multiple lowpass and highpass modes, bandpass, notch, and shelving options. These "response characteristics" are independently selectable for each channel, so a host of peculiar stereo effects can be produced, from straightforward filtering to binaural panning tricks.

Perhaps the other most remarkable feature is the integrated modulation oscillator—a dedicated modulation source for performing true linear thru-zero FM. The oscillator offers continuously variable waveshape and can either track an external CV source or can directly track the filter frequency itself, allowing for more easily tunable and conventionally "musical" FM effects. And of course, the modulation index itself is voltage controllable, providing the potential for dynamic filter FM timbres from beyond this world.

After Trident and Panharmonium, we didn't expect a new Rossum module for a bit—but now Linnaeus is here, and we're excited for all the sonic opportunities it provides.

What’s with the egg?

The functional description above describes LINNAEUS as originally conceived and designed by Dave. However, late in the beta testing process, our good friend and tester, Chris Meyer, raised the possibility of alternative behavior that would let LINNAEUS function as a self-contained (i.e., no input required) stereo oscillator and/or FM percussion voice with some really powerful timbral capabilities.

While we were initially hesitant to try to shoehorn the new functions into the existing interface, once Dave had prototyped them, it was clear to us all that they were just too cool not to include. So we’ve provided them in the form of alternate firmware accessed by pressing and holding the Egg button.

Linnaeus Features

Stereo state-variable analog filter for Eurorack modular synthesizers
Extremely wide frequency range, from subaudio to ultrasonic
Precise 1V/Oct tracking across the entire frequency range
Dedicated 1V/Oct input and FM input with attenuverter
Thru-zero linear FM possible with internal modulation oscillator or any external source
Variable Linear FM Index with voltage control
Voltage control of resonance (Q)
Continuously variable filter types with voltage control
Filter characteristics include Lowpass 12dB/Oct, Lowpass 6dB/Oct, Highpass 12dB/Oct, Highpass 6dB/Oct, Bandpass, Notch, Low Shelving, High Shelving
Internal modulation oscillator with sine, triangle, saw, and square shapes, with FM input and option to track filter's frequency
True stereo operation

Quick Start Guide

  • 140 mA +12V
  • 25 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 25 mm deep
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