6 HP
13 mm deep
Current Draw
4 mA +12V
4 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$94 Price in €

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Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Exponential VCA with lots of gain

The VCAs circuit design is based on an advanced version of the famous “blackmer gain cell” by the THAT Corporation.
Unlike many designs for studio equipment the gain cell in this VCA is DC coupled. Thus allows modulation of control voltages and very low frequencies.
The module features a potentiometer for manual gain control. A second potentiometer to adjust the amount of CV1. CV2 is a direct control voltage input for gain control which is not attenuated.
The circuit is set to -110dB Gain with Gain Potentiometer set to zero and no external CV applied.
Sensitivity of the CV inputs is set to 95mV/dB.
The circuit processes voltages up to 20Vpp without clipping! Voltages over 20Vpp get hard clipped.
PCB hosts a pinheader to access all I/O signals for prepatching inside the case.

Signal IN
CV1 Input (adjustable amount)
CV2 Input (fixed amount)

Signal OUT


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