16 HP
18 mm deep
Current Draw
210 mA +12V
8 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$168 Price in €

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Capacitive X/Y/Z Controller with CV Record / Looping

The LP1lightplane is a capacitive surface that generates three-­dimensional CVs plus a GATE signal along with finger movements, and "pressure" of your finger on its surface.

It can also record those movements and loop them.

  • MODE button switches between LIVE, HOLD and REC modes
  • While LOOP mode is active, MODE button will HOLD or (as well as Gate In) reactivate it.
  • Select between recording pressure along with axis, or recording just X and Y axis for longer.
  • Gate Out or Gate In jack (depending on jumper setting on the back; Gate In mode allows for loop synchronization
  • CVZ - Pressure CV output
  • CVY - Vertical axis CV output
  • CVX - Horizontal axis CV output
  • Three independent jumpers on the back side to select CV range between 5V and 10V
  • Orientation jumper allows turning it 180 degrees (jacks up or down)


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