84 HP
Current Draw
250 mA +12V
250 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$1,061 Price in €

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Analog Modular Synthesizer

The Modulor114 by Soundmachines is there all in one modular synthesizer with traditional monosynth normalling. The Modulor114 is an 84HP eurorack panel in a custom case that can be powered by USB or a power adaptor, or a eurorack power cable. This is a great way to get started in modular synthesizers and eurorack as you get everything you need at once and it is compatible with eurorack standards if you already have modules or want to add some in the future. You can do a lot of patching with the Modulor114 as it has 114 jacks on it and comes with patch cables. There is a usb midi interface for controlling it with a keyboard or sequencer and there is also a built in ribbon controller. Normal 2 oscillator monosynth sounds are possible as well as any other patch you can imagine.

The built in modules are a midi to cv with a square wave out, an oscillator with PWM, sync and sub oscillator as well as noise. There is a second oscillator that can be an LFO or VCO that is more simple with just saw and triangle outputs. There is a quantizer that can be used with the ribbon controller or other inputs and that has selectable scales. there is a 3 channel mixer with channel level knobs, as well as 2 other unity gain mixers spread through the unit. The VCF has lowpass and bandpass outputs and can self oscillate with enough resonance. There is a VCA and an ADSR envelope generator with looping as well as a simple square and triangle LFO. There are some useful utilities like slew, attenuators, multiples and sample and hold.

The right section has a 24-bit DSP based effects unit that can be tempo synched with delays, choruses and reverbs. There are also some digital modules for clock division and digital logic, which are handy for clocking and making rhythmic patterns. The Modular114 has a built in headphone amp as well.

The MODULOR114 is enclosed in a robust metal case and could also be detached and seated in your 84hp eurorack case. MODULOR114 is compatible with any Doepfer(tm) style eurorack power supply.

What’s included:
MODULOR114 modular analog synthesizer
QuickStart Manual
USB cable
Patch cables

Three-way power supply: USB, 12Vdc, eurorack ribbon.
1 USB/MIDI (Device AND Host) to CV with MOD output, Clock and 4 CC# integration
2 VCOs (one simplified, one full optional!)
1 noise generator (white-pink)
1 LP/BP resonant 12dB/oct VCF
1 VCA with saturation
1 four stage ENV generator with looping option
1 output amp with headphone driving capability
1 ribbon controller with GATE and CV generation
2 manual cv generator
1 scale and chromatic quantizer ('Q IN' on MIDI/CV part, 'MOD/Q' shared with CC#2)
1 S&H
3 mixers
3 attenuators
2 Multiples
1 slew
2 AddSub (saturating adder/subtractor)
1 clock divider (IN, Reset, /2, /4, /8, /16)
4 logic gates (NOT, NAND, AND, OR)
2 buttons / manual triggers / function buttons
1 fx unit (w/ LED: 4x Delays, 4x Mods, 8x Reverb)

Notes on Powering:
Power via Type B USB device port socket on front panel: 300mA @ +5V
Power via 12VDC Adapter: 1A 5.5/2.2mm barrel Jack
Power via Eurorack Case: 250ma +12V excluding the USB HOST power consumption!

• USB  MIDI  to  CV:  device  and  host  MIDI  UDB  interface  with  pitch,  clk,  modwheel  and  4CV
• VCO1:  saw  core  VCO  with  simultaneous  wavefrom  outputs,  sync,  pwm  and  sub-­-oscillator
• VCO2/LFO1:  saw  core  VCO  with  saw  and  triangle  out.  Doubles  as  VCLFO
• QUANTIZER:  4  octave  output  chromatic  and  scale  quantizer
• ADDSUB  x  2:  adder/subtractor  with  saturation  devices
• MIXERS  x  3:  pot  levels  and  fixed  cv  and  audio  mixers
• ATTENUATORS  x  3:  standard  attenuators
• GENERATORS  x  2:  manual  CV  sources
• VCF:  12dB/oct  resonant  lowpass  and  bandpass
• VCA:  linear  VCA
• LFO2:  triangle  and  square  output  LFO
• ENVELOPE:  ADSR  envelope  generator  with  gated  loop  and  two  time  constants
• RIBBON:  10cm  ribbon  controller  with  gate/cv  out  and  cv  hold
• S&H:  sample  and  hold  with  track  input
• FX:  24bits  high-­-quality  digital  effect  with  parameters  cv  control  and  tap-­-tempo
• CLKDIV:  clock  divider  with  4  outputs  and  reset  input
• LOGIC  GATES:  and,  nand,  not  and  xor
• SLEW:  lag  processor
• BUTTONS  x  2:  manual  trigger/gate  button
• MULTI  x  2:  passive  multiples


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