4 HP
39 mm deep
Current Draw
23 mA +12V
4 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$92 Price in €

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Intertwined Dual Clock Source

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2CK is an intertwined dual clock source. Two identical voltage-controllable low frequency squarewave generator units are fit into a 4HP panel - Clock A and Clock B. When the CV inputs are not used, each half has other half's output normalled to its CV input, resulting in two clock generators affecting each other, making them instantly generate curious patterns without any external gear. The squarewave outputs can be used not only as clock signals (e.g. for a sequencer) and other logic signal needs, but also as bipolar squarewave LFOs.

The frequency of each generator is determined by a manual initial frequency control (big knob) and the CV input with the associated attenuverter (small knob). Controls for Clock A are yellow, and controls for Clock B are blue, for easier navigation.

Both clock generators have a nice frequency range of approximately from cycle per half a minute minimum up to 20 cycles per second maximum, or appr. 0.03 - 20 Hz. Clock A can also be internally preset to be an audio frequency oscillator! Both halves track CV exponentially, and it's possible to tune it very close to a good 1 volt per octave with the built in attenuverter.

The clock output is a bipolar squarewave swinging almost rail to rail - that is, a bit less than 12v to -12v. This is to ensure it successfully clocks any eurorack device. Please, attenuate the clock output if you want to use it as an audio source! It is also possible to use it as a classic squarewave VC LFO, for the output is bipolar.


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