8 HP
20 mm deep
Current Draw
17 mA +12V
15 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$47 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Dual Signal Summator

!!! This is the BETA RUN version of the module - it will be majorly redesigned for its next iteration

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The backbone operations of modular synthesis are addition, subtraction, attenuation and inversion of signals. LVL excels at these, providing two identical voltage summators - one on the top half, one on the bottom half on the module.

Each summator has three inputs. The inputs are DC coupled, meaning they will not block the constant component of an incoming signal, thus will pass both audio, CV and any other type of a signal possible in a Eurorack system. Each input goes to a dedicated level control: the pink one is for the first (leftmost) input, the yellow one is for the second (middle) and the blue is for the third (rightmost) input. The jack to knob connections are also highlighted with short-dashed lines.

A switch on the right determines the level controls' action. In up position (-+), the level knob will act as an attenuverter. In this mode, the input signal will pass to the output at maximum level if the associated knob is fully clockwise. As it is turned towards noon, the level is decreased and reaches 0 (no signal passes through) at noon. Then, as it is turned towards the full counter-clockwise position, the signal will again reach maximum level, but also will be inverted. So if the input is a falling sawtooth from 5 to 0 volts and the level control for this input is fully CCW, a rising sawtooth from -5 to 0 volts will appear at the output. If the mode switch is in the down position (0+), the level controls act as simple volume knobs, with no signal passing through when full CCW and maximum signal level at full CW. This mode may be preferrable for audio mixing, since sometimes it's necessary to quickly fade out a particular sound, and it's not always easy to hit the exact middle point in -+ (attenuverting) mode, whereas it's always easy to drop the knob to mimimal setting in 0+ (attenuating) mode.

The third input of both halves has +6v normalled into it, so if nothing is patched into it, the blue knob acts like a 0..6v offset (0+ mode) or a -6...6v offset (-+mode) - very handy for two channel scale-sum-offset action!

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