4 HP
18 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$49 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Handy utilities combomodule

PASSIVE TOOLS 2 by SYNTHFOX is a versatile collection of passive utilities in 4 HP. It consists of 4 signal processors, each designed to perform a specific operation with the input signal.

PASSIVE TOOLS 2 includes four useful submodules:

  • TAP is a pluck/decay envelope generator. It detects a sharp rising voltage - like, for example, the start of a trigger, a squarewave LFO rising up, or a new s&h random voltage being higher than the previous one. Then it tries to make it into a very short decay envelope: it's useful for pinging LPGs and resonating filters, creating short percussive sounds with a VCA and a sound source, and so on. A toggle switch selects one of the three decay lengths: it will affect both the length and, sometimes, the way it responds to the input signal. It works like a quirky highpass filter with an audio-rate signal.

  • LPG is a DC-coupled passive low pass gate made with a homebrew optocouple (vactrol). It can be used to process both CVs and audio, and has close to no bleedthrough. It does pretty much what you'd expect an LPG to do - and, as a bonus, it responds very well and clean to the longest decay from the TAP section.

  • BEND is a quirky transistor-based wavefolder/waveshaper-like sound processor. It was designed to harmonically enrich sounds with few harmonics. It can also place some bumps and quirks into your LFO or envelope! When used with a VCA before it in the signal path, it starts acting close to the dynamic "metallic" folding seen on active wavefolders.

  • LPF is a simple RC low pass filter with 3 preset cutoff frequencies. Designed to pair with the HPF section of Passive Tools 1, it's a mixdown tool that helps you fit your sounds into the mix nicely and avoid all the dirt happening because of frequencial overlaps. It also may be very useful for BBD delay users - it can cut off the clock whine that happens on most BBD modules.

Watch a module overview on the SYNTHFOX youtube channel!


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