BBad Analog Reverb / Flanger

The Touell Skouarn Heklev is a BBD-based module ideal for producing analog reverb, flanger, and distortion. By intentionally using a low-stage-count delay chip (the 1024 stage MN3007), Touell Skouarn have made Heklev for the purpose of exploring the BBD not as a delay circuit, but as a tone-shaping effect.

With all the controls you'd expect from a crunchy analog delay with added output VCA and a focus on shorter effect times, the Heklev is an amazing tool for exploring all the chorusing, distortion, and crazy feedback often ignored at short delay times.


BBD reverb based on MN3007 IC
Built-in VCA for effect output level control
Separate Dry, Blend, and VCA outputs
Voltage controllable delay time
Internal feedback loop
Trimpots for Input Gain, BBD Bias, Clock Noise Cancel, Delay output gain, BBD clock range (for switching between reverb, flanger, and delay effects with associated signal quality change) 


  • 20 mA +12V
  • 20 mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V

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