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Techno Box, Base (copy) Eurorack
modified Dec 16th 2020, 01:31
48hp Drums Eurorack
modified Oct 10th 2020, 00:44
Analog Drumachine Eurorack
modified Oct 3rd 2020, 23:22
Voices!!! You'll hear 'em Eurorack
modified Sep 1st 2020, 05:56
Techno Box Top Potential Eurorack
modified Nov 27th 2020, 04:54
Potential modules Eurorack
modified Nov 29th 2020, 21:52
Video Box Eurorack
modified Dec 5th 2020, 11:12
Techno Box Top Eurorack
modified Thursday January 14, 03:37
Techno Box, Base Eurorack
modified Sunday January 17, 11:40

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Submitted Modules

Slim MPS 14 HP Drum View
570 Galore 6 HP CV ModulationDynamicsWaveshaper View
CEM3340 VCO 8 HP Oscillator View
1050 Mixer 16 HP MixerSequencerSwitch View
Control Full Size HP Ruler Reverse 60 HP Blind Panel View
Noise Toaster 33 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOOscillatorVCAPhase ShifterPitch Shifter View
Intentional Blank 3 HP Blind Panel View
Audio and CV Mixer 10 HP Mixer View
Chaos Sloth 2.5hp 3 HP LFOWaveshaperCV Modulation View
RYO Penta Expander 3 HP Expander View
Double cinnamon 10 HP FilterDistortionOscillator View

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Collection 3 modules

Buck Modular DrumFuck, Graphic EQ and Hall of Fame 2

Rated Modules

This User rated 4 modules.

Intentional Blank (5), Touch Sensing Note Memory (5), Noise Toaster (4) and Chaos Sloth 2.5hp (4)
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