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Submitted Modules

_404_2press 14 HP ControllerCV Modulation View
_404_mix 1U 12 HP Mixer View
_404_lpgx2 8 HP AttenuatorFilterVCAMixer View
_404_vco01 6 HP Oscillator View
_404_out 8 HP ExternalUtility View
_404_noise02 4 HP Noise View
_404_slew 6 HP Slew Limiter View
_404_vcDRONE_02 6 HP Oscillator View
_404_buff_M_v02 6 HP Multiple View
_404_buff_M 6 HP Multiple View
_404_v_lpg v3 6 HP Low Pass Gate View
_404_MIX4 4 HP Mixer View
_404_ basic penta expander 2 HP ExpanderSequencer View
_404_route* 4 HP MultipleSwitchUtility View
_404_ dual vactrol - vcfa_x2 4 HP Low Pass GateVCA View
_404_ atari punk console01 6 HP Oscillator View
_404_ passive multi 2 HP Multiple View
_404_ dual attenuator 4 HP AttenuatorSwitch View
_404_route 2 HP ControllerSwitchUtility View
_404_v_lpg 6 HP Low Pass GateVCA View