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Minimalist Eurorack 1Eurorack
NANO Caixa 208 XOACEurorack
Ambient Rig (wish list)Eurorack
NANO Caixa 208 v3Eurorack
NANO Caixa 208 v2Eurorack
NANO Caixa 104Eurorack

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Collection 151 modules

A-190-3v, Black Wavetable VCO, DIY Output module, Pico OUT, A-124, SEQ-01-Pro, Z3000 Smart VCO MKII, Optomix rev2 2016, Maths, STO, Quad VCA, μScale [v2], Quadratt 1U, µMIDI 1U, µMIDI JACKS, Ears, Audio I/O 1U, Headphones 1U, Clouds, Peaks, Rings, Ripples, Braids (2015), Grids, μVCA II, A-130, A-131, A-132-3, A-140, uZeus, Black VCO, Black VCO Expander, Black Envelope Generator, Quadra, Erbe-Verb, Disting mk4, Outputs (full set) black, Function, Shades, A-190-8, ES-6 mk2, A-192-2, Disting mk1, Disting mk3, ES-8, ES-3 MK3, A-143-2, A-120, Triatt, A-148, Pico DSP, Z4000 VC-EG, Ciao! (Aluminum), Pro Output (Black), A-139-2, VC ADSR, Output module v2, HexMix VCA, Harmonic Oscillator, Spectrum, CVpal, Links, MAR, FONT, ALT, Squid Salmple, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Quadrax, Loop (Black Panel), uO_C Black & Gold Panel, Squawk Dirty To Me (black), Milky Way (black), Airstreamer, disting EX, Rainier, SHTH, OUT V3, Stmix, A-160-2, Select 2, Mix 3, Contour 1, 6x MIX, Tangle Quartet, Maestro, PER|FORMER, Quadigy, Cosmix, Delta-V, ABC (Aluminum), Voltage Block (Black Panel), Varigate 4+ (Black), Sample Drum, Black Joystick2, A-140-2V, Black VC EG, ZVERB (BLACK), Ciao - Black, Pons Asinorum, QUART, ONA, ADSRVCA, Micro Sequence, VCA (Black Panel), FX AID, 3x VCA - black, 3x MIA - black, Mińsk, Navigator, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), Basimilus Iteritas Alter (Black), Cursus Iteritas (Black), Quad VCA, X-Pan, ochd, Desmodus Versio, Clep Diaz, A-135-2v, Sinc Bucina, A-132-3v, Sinc Defero (Black w/ jacks and LEDs), Cinnamon - Black, Filter 8, A-151v, Scales, 1U Dual LIN/EXP VCA, Pico DRUMS, Pluck (Black Panel), ROW POWER 40, Javelin, C4RBN, Seca Ruina, Quantus Ampla, 4x Stereo Mix_black, AC/DC, mmT, Steppy, Vice Virga, PanMix - black, A-138b, O'Tool Plus, A-174-4 Joy Stick II Black Edition, Eloquencer, Sono Abitus, Ornament and Crime (Black), Mult (Black Panel), ENVy, Terci Ruina, Pizza, MIDI To Trigger and A-188-1D
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