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Collection 896 modules

Triatt, ALM009 - Tangle Quartet, A-183-2, Quad-Atten, CVP, ALM010 - O/A/x2, ALM006 - S.B.G, Sub Ring, Mix (Black Panel), Mix 'Em Up, 3x MIA, LEVIT8, Dual Atenuverter , Level Fixit, SeaMoss instruments ATT 60, VCA4p, VCA4p, HexMix VCA, SubMix6, RIT_M RhythmSequencer, RND, ADDAC303, Rotating Clock Divider V1, Zone B.F. Black Edition, Chronos mkII, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, 141 , WL Random, Rotating Clock Divider V2, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, Tirana II, Quad Pingable LFO, LITTLE NERD (ALUMINIUM), Pulse divider (alu), J-110 Derivator, .com, Tromsø (Aluminum Panel), A-167, LS1lightstrip, Touch Keyboard, Black Joystick controller, Joystick controller, RS-220, U-081 , J-010 Joystick, A-173-1, ADDAC302, LP1lightplane, Vectr (Silver), Push3, A-174-2, A-177-2, SP-1P, SWITCH INTERFACE 1, ADDAC301 Floor Control, ADDAC304, RS-600, A-144, Lifeforms KB-1, BC - Breath Control, Ears, Mini FM Joystick (black), BI1 brainterface, Planar 2, ADSR, OR, Unity Mixer, EG, Kabelhänger, LPF, Comb, Delay, Delay (Black Panel), Comb (Black Panel), Pico DSP, Disting mk4, DLY, Echo, DPLR, ADM16 DubJr Mk2, WL Echo, Gargoyle Delay 2.0, A-162, ECHO, Digital Delay, FX-16, µBurst, DSM03 Feedback, ADM17 Proton, DUAL DELAY, RS-390, RS-440 BBD Delay, MULTI DIMENSION, Sound of Shadows v2, Black Hole DSP, Lifeforms Analog Replicator, Delta, Erica Fusion analogue Chorus/Delay, Clouds, Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble, A-188-2, WL Drive, RS-430 Distortion, A-136, Optodist, Wave Folder, HN VCF, TG3 Filter, TG4 Modulator, Tube Fuzz, T-Wrex, Kasleder Effects - Acid Fuzz Hybrid Version, A-189-1, Ivan, 308 Distortion Module, DIRT Filter, PRE KM, DSM02 Character Module, cmp1, Wave Compressor, MSCL, Ultrafold, Blender, Dynamo, Dynamo (Aluminum), Streams, D-ENV, MST Dual 2164 VCA, T-110 Timbre, Kinks, BHWR rectifier, 106 Chorus, WL Reflector, FX16-CV, Spring Reverb, A-199, A-125, Springray II, FX6, PHASE 45, ADM23 Eos, ADM11 Dimensions, 3-BAND SPLITTER, Suiseki Phase Shifter, Splash, DIVIDE BY N, F-250 Resonator, Verb (Black Panel), Verb, Kasleder Effects - Acid Fuzz Germanium Version, Splicer, A-101-6, Black Cat Monster K-Fuzz, Chronoblob, UF1 microfx, Erbe-Verb, Bit Reactor, Warps, AWM-3, Detect, Envelope Follower, E-510 Envelope Follower, ADDAC804 AUDIO iNTEGRATOR, EF / Preamp, RS-35, Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, A-119, A-140, Pico EG, C-217 DADSR Delayed Envelope, ADSR, System X Envelope, C-214 ADSR with retrig input, C-216 IADSR, ADSR, C-211 DADSR – Delayed Envelope, C-215 AHDSR Envelope With Hold Segment, ADSRVCA, ADSR - 101, Lifeforms ADSR, ADSR SH, WL Envelope, A-140v, A-170, VC ADSR, WL Modulator, VC ADSR, Loop/Env, AR 3X, ADE-51 VC AHDSR / AHD, ADSR, MiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope (Dark Edition), RS-60, Quadra, Black HADSR Envelope generator, Dual AHDSR, Dual ADSR, A-141-2, ES06 - Envelope Generator, ES16 - Extended ADSR, ES75 - VCS, SYSTEM-500 540, Quad Envelope, AM8140 Dual ADSR, RS-510E Trapezoid Generator, ADSR 4X, Contour, Pingable Envelope Generator, Envelope Generator, Multi-Envelope, A-143-2, A-143-1, RADAR, Voltage Multistage, E-110 5-band EQ, ALM016 - PE-1, A-128, Shelves (2015), A-104, F-110 5-band fixed filter bank, MinEq, Fixed Filter Bank, ES22 - Resonant Equalizer, 907A FIXED FILTER BANK, Bark Filter Processor, PRE BX, Hexmix, THREE SISTERS, A-124 SE, A-120, A-106-5 SE, Vactrol SVF-201, A-106-1, A-103, Pico VCF1, A-105, Filt, FrequenSteiner, Evolution, A-108, Pico VCF3, A-102, A-121-2, A-101-1, A-122, A-127, PM Resonator, VCF 20, VCF SP, CGS749, MULTI BP FILTER (Aluminium Panel), Boozy VCF (Aluminium Panel), Organ Filter, AM8328 The Mirage Filter, DiOD, Telemark Filter Module, A-120V, AM8071 Snowfall VCF, VCF SYNT12, MULTI BP FILTER, SEM, Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter, Sea Devils Filter, Grendel Formant Filter, v2, RS-360, AM8047 UAF, Seamoss VCF 20, PURE VCF, Steiner Synthasystem VCF, Lifeforms Binary Filter, A-101-1v, AM8320 Prophet Filter, 904A, 904B, CGS735 Synthacon Filter, AM8005 Diode Multi Mode VCF, AM8109 JP8 LPF, Boozy VCF, Acid Simona VCF, AM8060 JP6 Multi-Mode VCF, AM8060SE JP6 Multi-Mode VCF, T.H. SVF, ES07 - 1973 VCF, E440 Discrete OTA VCF, VCF-OB12, AM8040 Low Pass Filter, AM8075SE Athena VCF, AM8075, EMW-200 Filters, Filter (Mk. II), Discrete SVVCF, Fixed Filter Bank, VCF 2164, MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF, VCF-74 MK2, Sallen Key Filter BF-22, Dual Four Pole, MiniMod Transistor Ladder Filter, µVCF, 904C, Resonant Filter Sequencer, DSM01 Curtis Filter, Belgrad, SARA VCF, Erica Fusion VCF, Z2040, vcf1, AM8105 VCF & VCA, Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter, ALM018 - MUM M8, A-101-2, Ripples, Tone, FIL2 Spectral Devastator, PassiVac, Rings, Shock Electronix Modatron Modulator, Polaris, Pole-Zero, Morgasmatron, Fluctuations Magnétiques, MORPHEUS, Amplitude & Tone Controller, Fluctuations Magnétiques, Shock Electronix Modatron Delay, Shock Electronix Modatron Duo, A-115, A-163, Subharmonics Generator, RS-280, Fold Processor, A-113, .BIN, DIV, DIV power 2, WL Divider, GameSystem, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Pico Trigger, Lifeforms Mod Tools, A-145, A-146, Black Octasource, RS-85, WL LFO, Simple VCLFO, RS-80, VC LFO, L-111 LFO2, Triple Video LFO, L-130 LFO4, LFO, 3LFO, LFO, Simple LFO - old, A-143-3, LFO 2X, A-143-9, Single VCO, LFO2 (Mk. II), A-110-6, Chain Reactor, A-111-2, A-111-3, Wave Runner, VCOb, LFO 2, TTLFO, LFO, A-111-2v, MST VC LFO, Kamieniec, Q/LFO, Dixie II+, Spectrum, Pico RND, AM8027 Dual VCO, E355 Morphing Dual LFO, A-143-4, A-147-2v, MiniMod Dual LFO + VCA (Silver Panel Version), AM8014 Ring Modulator, Black Modulator, AD/LFO, Fourmulator Quad Digital LFO, FM Ogre, DIY Modulator II , Minimod Dual LFO & VCA (Dark Edition), A-147-2, Dalek Modulator, RS-380, Pendulum, SYSTEM-500 572, HLFO, Tri Core Duo LFO, SSH, SAMPLE & HOLD, Batumi, Vulcan Modulator, CLX, SINE, VCNO, PH01II, Shapeshifter, Field Kit, COLD MAC, A-166, A-172, Pico Logic, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, Tool-Box, B-010 Bool2 – logic module, Logic, Combine-OR, Toggle, Castle 101 Quad Gate, A-101-2v, Natural Gate, Quad VCF/VCA, A-190-2, A-190-3, A-190-4, CVpal, Modular Solo, MST MIDI to CV Converter, A-190-3v, MIDI, Duophonic MIDI-CV interface, MIDI thing, Unity Mixer, Pico CV MIX, Pico A MIX, Links, Mix, A-138u, A-184-2, MX1, Mixer , Mix6, ABC (Aluminum), Sommateur X6 Black Edition, 6x1, Warna II, Serge Audio Mixer (RC), MST Unity Gain Mixer, Mix 03, A-138a, A-138b, A-138c, A-138s, A-138bV, RK003, King Slender, Mix 01, Quattro Figaro ALU, Quad VCA, Frames, Linix, Mutamix, A-135-1, A-138m, Scan & Pan, 6 Channel Stereo Mixer, Wackel Kontakt, AI001 Multiple, Buff Mult, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), Multiplicity XV, Nse, EF110M "Blackfly Modular", PURE Noise, Quantum Rainbow 2, A-118, A-118V, 4093 CHAOS NAND (black panel), Yarns, E350 Morphing Terrarium, Plonk, JUST FRIENDS, A-110-2, DATA (powder/silk panel), ALM011 - Akemie's Castle, Chord, nw1, Even VCO, Oscillator, RF Nomad, Twin waves, E352 Cloud Terrarium (black panel), A-110-2V, Bermuda, FMVDO, E330 Multimode VCO, Black VCO, Richter MEGA-WAVE, Complex Oscillator, 921 VCO, A-111-4, Mankato Filter, Synthbox, Bang, Scanned, SDS_VCO, Atari Punk Console, Ataraxic Translatron (Silver), Sound Study - Air Wav, E950, ES20 - 1973 VCO, SM042 KOTELNIKOV, Azimuth II, ADDAC805 VC Xfade / Panner, Simple Hexagon VCA (Black Version), dvca1, A-101-3, Quad Invert, A-138e, quadroPOL, Blinds, Super Power, Power Entry PE-1, µZDROJ, StrongPWR, TST, μScale [v2], RS-260, A-156, A-156v, Arp (Black Panel), Tune (Black Panel), Seq, Arp, Tune, QuantiZer, Varigate 8+, µTune, TM, Seq (Black Panel), Euclid, Euclid (Black Panel), TM (Black Panel), Pico SEQ, Shifty, Electronic Mood Measures, Distance Recorder, Turing Machine Mk II, VC Sequencer, Micro Sequence, Octone, Seek, Graphic Sequencer, Dual Mini Sequencer, Sequence 8, Pressure Points, Octopus, MH11 ADC Pattern Sequencer, PURE Sequencer, Z8000, Trigger Riot, 5-Step Voltage Source, Z8000 MK1, Circadian Rhythms, Eloquencer, A-155v, A-155, RS-200, Branches, A-149-1, Richter NoiseRing, NOISE, Pulsar, C105E VC Noise / Lo-Fi Machine, Entropy, Entropy, VC DIGITAL NOISE, Random Pulse 4x, Sample + Noise, Spring Reverb, A-199v, Erbe-Verb (black panel), Verb, RS-310 Reverb/Chorus, FINALISER R-EQ, A-114, E560 Deflector Shield, FM AID, Triple Bipolar VCA, A-133, A-184-1, Twiggy, A-184-1v, Fusion Ring Modulator v2, RS-20, SCI FI, A-114V, Ring Modulator, HAX, Harmonic Multiplier , RK3 Ringer/Shaper, LVL+rm, mh31 VC Modulator, Ring Modulator, Lord of the Ring, Primitive, MD002 SubOscillator, RINGMODULATOR, A-148, S+H, E102 Quad Temporal Shifter, MST Noise / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold, A-148v, ED115 - SH-Noise, System X S/H Noise, CGS734 - ASR, RS-40, C-310 Dual Opto-FET S&H/T&H, PURE S&H, ES05 - Noise Source, ED116 - Extended SH-Noise, Sample and Hold, ASSIMIL8OR, GrandPa, Grandpa (Aluminium), D-333 ROM Player (Black Panel), D-333 ROM Player, D-333 ROM Player (Red Panel), ADDAC806, ONE, VC Slew Limiter , ADDAC209, RS-350, ES19 - Negative Slew, RS-70, ES09 - Positive Slew, Dual Bissell Generator, MiniMod Glide + Noise "Dark Edition", A-170v, VC Slew Limiter, Toolbox (Mk. II), Trans-Europa, GLIDE PROCESSOR, ES15 - Smooth & Stepped Generator, A-171-2v, A-171-2, West Coast Random Source, ES114 - Universal Slope Generator, ATTENULAG, Mini Slew, Pico Switch, ADDAC301C, Audio Switch 202, Audio Switch 201, A-151, ADDAC214, Switch, Mutation, Chopping Kinky, ANALOG SWITCH 4X, ROUTER (R), E350X Morphing Terrarium Expander, Patch 3, LED Meter, LED Meter (Blue), RS-420 Octave Controller, LED Meter (Yellow), RS-340 Gate Delay, RS-50 Pulse Shaper, LAMP-3, LED Meter bipolar, Pico MULTI, Pico INPUT, Pico OUT, Poly Mix, S-510 Speaker , A-168-1, Noise Source, Unity, HSTA-01-BABY-8 SEQ, A-183-3, smArTT Verter, ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard, MIC. INTERFACE, MIDI THRU-4 , CGS762 - Slope Detector, NOISE, Black Mixer/Splitter, IF109- TGTSH, μJack, Audio Interface II, A-178 V2, XFADE, AVert, Black XFade, Ampmix, RK004, A-132-3, A-131, Veils, A-130, VCA, A-132-3v, VCA, Pico VCA, A-134-1, A-132-4, MA35 VCF / A, Black Quad VCA, Dual VCA (Mk. II), 3x VCA, Tallin, Praga, VC8, RS-180, A-132-2, Poltergeist, PanMix, A-147-2 SE, Fusion VCA2, VCA (Black Panel), WL Dual VCA, VCA - 101, AMP, VacVac, Model 277 Tube Analog VCA, Lifeforms Dual VCA, Meth Amp, Hexa VCA, Black VCA V2, PURE VCA, Lamda, A-111-5v, CGS765 - Tube VCA, ES78 - VCA, Model 53 Voicetail, AM8019 Athena VCA, ES79 - Ring Modulator, VCA, ED104 - Dual VCA, VC PANNING AMPLIFIER, ASM316 - Dual VCA, Vactrol VCA, VCA-S700, Gamma, Koe v4.0, Elements, Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator, Micromac -R, Wave, Atlantis, μFold II/uFold II, Super Sawtor, A-116, A-137-1, A-137-2, IF117 - Wavolver II, ES10 - Triple Wave Shaper, SM630 AWS, ES18 - VCM3, ES17 - VCM2, ES04 - VCM1, K3021 Master VCO, Crush, CV Folder 3X , IF113 - 5-Pulser, Sonic XV Diode Ladder Filter, ADDAC208 Comparator & Rectifiers, CGS738 - Mangler, Buff Mult 1U, µMIDI 1U, USB Power 1U, Mult 1U, Line-out 1U, B-Mult black, µMIDI JACKS, Sum black, Mix-A Black, Slew black, S&H black, Mix-B Black, Atten-B black, Atten-A black, MINIaudioMIXER, FSR black, 1U Power Panel for Case Power, Buff - Black, USB Power black, Invert black, Output (jacks only) silver, LFO, Switch S, Switch black, USB Power silver, V-Noise silver, B-Mult silver, Express black, FSR silver, Invert silver, 1U UtiLFO, Invert, Sum - Black, A/R Envelope, VCO Classic, VCF, Atten-B silver, Ribbon, Atten-A silver, Sum silver, RIB, RIB, Exposed Tank, VCA, Breath Control Black, Breath Control Silver, Clock Divider, Power Entry 1U, Audio I/O 1U, 1U Unity Gain Mixer, 1U Mattson Buffered Multiple, Digiverb 1U, Att-Off silver, CV Crossfade Mixer, Compare black, Clock Divider Tile, Outputs (full set) black, Spring Reverberation Black, Pedal IO, Att-Off, SumVert (silver), Att-Off black, Compare silver, Att-Vert silver, Clock Multiplier, Clock Generator, Headphones 1U, 1U UniBuffer, 1U Stereo Output Mixer, CTACT black, Quadratt 1U, Dual buffered Attenuator / Mixer (1U Tile), Noise Tools 1U, SeaMoss instruments MUL 70, m11 (v4), m679 (v4), m/15, MIDI OSCILLATOR 103, Lifeforms Midi 3, 4VOX, ADDAC709M, Poly, qMI2 - Quad MIDI Interface, Chance, Walk, ADDAC301B, FH-1 'faderHost', A-140-2, Graphic EQ, ASM321 - Basic VCO, Piston Honda Mk III, Select 2, Compare 2, tona, Ceis, tanh[3], Visual VCA, O'Tool Plus, Passive Mult, Black Varishape VCO 1, uLFO Black, Octalink 1U, Raw Spring Nano Noir, OBEY, Erbe-Verb (white knobs), VCA, 4xMUTE - black, Delta VCF 8HP, Bell, Grain, SM800b Wobla, CATCH Noise, Micro Wuff, Bell (Black Panel), Short Bus V.3, 4023 VCF, FONT, CATCH VCF-AB, CATCH ADSR-AB, Altar, Miasma, Crime, Super Warp Generator (Tokyo 2015 limited edition), Black Wavetable VCO, Harmonic Oscillator, Scanned (Natural), PH01, Crossfold (New Panel), Super Warp Generator Tokyo 2015 and Euro Tile Carrier Black
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