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2020plugman 672 v2 (copy) Eurorack
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My restless Eurorack Eurorack
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My centered Eurorack Eurorack
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208 Eurorack Eurorack
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2020plugman 672 v2 Eurorack
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2020 plugman 672 powers divide Eurorack Private
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Collection 282 modules

A-181, A-118, A-138b, Quadra, Pressure Points, Brains, BD808, Metropolis, Echophon, 1hp Blank, A-100B1, Z-DSP, Buff Mult, AT-AT-AT, HATS909, A-100B42, A-189-1, A-180-2, Klasmata, μVCA II, Trigger Riot, LS1lightstrip, Strakal Brulu {Re Greñv Eo}, A-178 V2, Shapeshifter, STO, ROW POWER 30, Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM), Rosie, Storage Strip, ALM006 - S.B.G, ROW POWER 40, VC Divider, MIX 4, THREE SISTERS, ALM011 - Akemie's Castle, SND/RTN, ADDAC200PI, omnimod, µMIDI, Euclidean Circles, Confundo Funkitus, LRMSMSLR (red panel), CONTROL FORGE, x0x heart Eurorack Module, ADDAC221, Pico RND, Pico SCALE, Zone B.F. Black Edition, A-199v, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Joystick, DU-KRPLS, POWERBASE, ALM015 - Akemie's Taiko, Kamieniec, Arcade, Voltage Block, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Div, Mix, Sommateur X6 Black Edition, Tapographic Delay, µVCF (old panel), Teenage Engineering PO-12, Black Octasource, Morphagene, Minimod Dual LFO & VCA (Dark Edition), Quad VCA, MSCL, Modbox, Brst, ALM017-EX - Pexp-1, TriTone, Verb, Delay, Pico Switch, Maths v2 (Grayscale black panel), Multiple (alum. panel), µBraids SE (uBraids, microBraids) [Rev E, Black], Freez, Switch, Dynamix, Pico TG, Verb (Black Panel), Morphagene (Grayscale black panel), SM010 Matrixarchate, Echophon (Grayscale black panel), Erbe-Verb (Grayscale black panel), LxD (Grayscale black panel), Optomix (Grayscale black panel), STO (Grayscale black panel), Korg Volca Kick, µBurst, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, Freez (Black Panel), Piston Honda Mk III, Dynamix (Grayscale black panel), Microcompressor Stereo , Row Power 40 - DUPLICATE, Pro-1, Transient Plus, micro elements, Stages, Marbles, SYSTEM-500 531, Zadar, Z-DSP (NS), Quadigy, GXN, WiiChuck, uBurst Clouds, Half Dozen Fadas, Ferry, Dual Looping Delay - Black Panel, Tapographic Delay - Black Panel , Nebulae V2 silver, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Euclidean Circles v2, Bin Seq (Black), Confundo Funkitus (Black), i-o47, Tropical Noise (white edition), TFoM/KFoM 2018 Commemorative Blank, mSSP, SoundStage, Lollipop, AI006 Stomp Box Adapter, Echophon (white knobs), QPAS, Catalyst, Terci Ruina, STMIX, Pamela's New Workout Black & Gold Panel, Monsoon, Pexp-1 Black & Gold Panel, Three Sisters Black & Gold Panel, Knit - Magpie black panel, JOYREC, X-Pan, VCMC, A-118-2, Voltage Block Black & Gold Panel, Timiszoara, Startup (black panel), Sarajewo, Drums2, Mimeophon, arbhar, Preset, Black Stereo Delay, Autodyne, Metron (Black), VOLTERA, moddict TDC-you / ConsoleEQ4, ES-9, Arcadian Rhythms , Black 16 HP Blank Panel, Black 4 HP Blank Panel, Peaks, Pique, ADM02 Grainshift, Mutuj, Spice, Harlequin's Context, Neònach [Custom Shop], ADDAC304, Quad LFO, Kermit MK III, Atlantis, Mysteron, ochd, Bitbox 2.0, XOH, Toolbox, MIDI THRU-4 , MX4 MIDI Buffered Multiple, [2]f, VC Clock V2, Euclidean Circles & Expander (proper panel), QSLIDER, SM800b Wobla, MinEq, Muton, Muta Jovis (Black), Shuttle Mate, SYSTEM-500 530, A-174-4 , Desmodus Versio, AT-AT-AT, Aurora, Data Bender, Surface, Performance Mixer LE, Mini FM Joystick (black), PLITKA POLLEX, CP1-A, F8R, Metamorph, Distance Recorder, Mixup, Mutamix, ADDAC200PI, Reducer, Booster Stage, Pico INPUT, Audio Interface II, SUM, ER-301: Sound Computer, Sample Drum, Drum Stereo Mixer, Mix (Black Panel), A-180-9, Cockpit BLCK_EDITION, Sweet Sixteen, Rample, DEMORA, Batumi, Black ER-301, ADSR, Rainmaker, 3PT, ADE-32 Octocontroller, Performance mixer, MIDI MIXER, Nerdseq – IO Expander, Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, NerdSEQ CV16 Expander Black, Chainsaw, A-121-3, MMM VCF - black, Discrete Dual VCF, Karl, FCVS-4, M-185 Sequencer, Bionic Lester MK III, tELHARMONIC (white knobs), Poti, Quadrax, MSCL (Black Panel), Stereo Discrete Microcompressor, ES-8 Bitwig Edition, Samara II, Ripples (2020), CV Thing, F8R, mi.1e 2|6, Flexshaper, c1, g0, Stepper Acid, Nerdseq - 'More Triggers 16' Expander Black, SL3KT, Switchblade, Voltage Block (Black Panel), A-180-4 Quad Buffer, FX AID XL_black, Comb (Black Panel), 3PT (Black Knobs), Comb Filter, Cosmix, FM AID, 4tten, Black Stereo Mixer V3, A-138o, A-138p, A-138sV, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, Odessa, Per4mer, Maestro, Lich , "Пуск-6" black blue buttons, Otto MIDI, FH-2 'factotum', Poly 2, MIDI Breakout, Univer Inter, FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, Outs, MIDI THRU and 2HP TRS-A Midi Expander

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