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2022 WIP Mantis TechnoEurorack
2022 WIP Mantis liveEurorack
2022 WIP Mantis OrbitEurorack
2022 WIP Mantis BlckEurorack
2022 WIP Mantis The BladeEurorack
7U TestEurorack
2022 WIP Mantis ThrasherEurorack
Go Mental 2021Eurorack
Pod64X NerdseqEurorack
2022 WIP Mantis Sabretooth AfxEurorack
2021 Mantis The Ripper R1Eurorack
Mantis (Live) (copied from benkiriaty)Eurorack
Blawan Thomann (copied from 42VCAs)Eurorack
Pod64X MetronEurorack
Pod64X Mind+ControlEurorack
Pod64X ShellshockEurorack
WIP HexmixEurorack
2021 Mantis The Ripper R2Eurorack
Pod64X EffectsEurorack
2020 Mantis The DaggerEurorack
2019 Mantis The Dagger R2Eurorack
2022 WIP Mantis w LooperEurorack
Mixer testEurorack
2019 Mantis The DaggerEurorack
Mantis The BladeEurorack
2018 My Mantis EurorackEurorack

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