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Collection 186 modules

Blinds, Turing Machine Mk II, Mikrophonie (2017 new panel design), Disting mk4, Plaits, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Maths, Stages, Marbles, 3xVCA, Shifty, Erbe-Verb (black panel), Pressure Points, Brains, JUST FRIENDS, THREE SISTERS, MANGROVE, Pluck (Black Panel), Ears, Shades, Zadar, COLD MAC, Morphagene, VCO (Black Panel), Pico VCO, ALM009 - Tangle Quartet, Telharmonic (Black and Gold), Telharmonic, Chopping Kinky, ornament+crime (pcb panel), Radio Music, ES-8, ES-3 mk4, ES-6 mk2, uZeus, Mult, Pico SCALE, Pico ATTEN, Pico CV MIX, LS1lightstrip, Flipped, Humpback Filter, Buff Mult 1U, Noise Tools 1U, Quadratt 1U, Mult 1U, Mutable Instruments Rings (Grayscale panel), Black Output Module, Yusynth Steiner Parker VCF, O'Tool Plus, NoBots Double Buff, Eurobuffer, bong0, Ian Fritz's Hypster, Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel, A Plague of Demons, Divide & Conquer, Bindubba Sequencer, Sly Grogan, Triad, Hyperchaos Deluxe, Squid Axon, 2xLFO, 8bit Cipher, Attenumults, 1050 Mixer Sequencer, Ian Fritz Jerkster, SSM2044 VCF, VCO MAXIMUS, Primal Hyperchaos, Dual Atenuverter , mi.1e 0|8, µO_C, Kinks, Pithoprakta, Mimetic Digitalis, Rene Mk2, uO_c, A-185-2, Serge Triple+ Waveshaper, Paths, Test 3, ADDAC305, Frogleg Synthesis Dual Selective S&H , Hexagram, Pico RND, Delay No More - Magpie white panel, Dual ADSR, ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard, Interstellar Radio, Delay, Clouds (Magpie white panel), Nutella Tsunami, Branches (Black), Ripples (PCB Panel), Grids (PCB Panel), Sheep (PCB Panel), Mutable Instruments Peaks (Grayscale panel), Braids (PCB Panel), Mutable Instruments Tides (Grayscale panel), 2M, 8S, Mutable Instruments Elements (Grayscale panel), Streams, ROT8, 6MIX, Pulses Mk II, Volts, B-Mult black, MULT black, SR Latch Black, Logical AND black, Logical OR black, Logical XOR black, Atten-A black, Atten-B black, Compare black, Outputs (full set) black, V-Noise black, Switch Black, X-Fade Black, Att-Off black, Att-Vert black, Selecter Black, Cyclic Skew black, Zeroscope 1U, 1F, Warps (PCB Panel), Pure LFO (black panel), Pure Noise (black panel), FSR black, DPLPG (Blue), temps utile (PCB Panel), ZeroScope, Kareishuu VCO, Vector Sequencer, Mutable Instruments Shades (Grayscale panel), Mimeophon, Rene, Dannysound EN129 , Shades (PCB Panel), Hamara Labs Triple Attenuverter Mixer v2, Transistor Ladder VCF, KS-20 Filter, Dual VCA, VCO 3340, DATA (BLACK), Dannysound Cali Oscillator, Dannysound Timbre, Radio Music, Veils (PCB Panel), Streams (PCB Panel), Peaks (PCB Panel), Tides (PCB Panel), Yarns (PCB Panel), Elements Magpie White panel, Veils (Black and Gold Oscillosaurus panel), Mutable Instruments Blinds (Grayscale panel), uBurst, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds), disting EX, Quantizer, Chainsaw, Ensemble Oscillator, Trans-Europa, Nin, Alter 1, Euclidean Circles v2, crow, Desmodus Versio, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Performance mixer, PM Mutes, Nearness, PanMix - black, LED Meter - black, Penta, Rotating Clock Divider V2, Listen IO, Bifold, Planar 2, Tetrapad, FX AID XL_black, Cosmix and C4RBN
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