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My hobnailed Eurorack (copy) Eurorack View
My hobnailed Eurorack (copy) (copy) Eurorack View
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My hobnailed Eurorack (copy) Eurorack View
My hobnailed Eurorack (copy) (copy) Eurorack View
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A-110-2V, uBraids (Magpie white panel), Circuit Slices CS023 Dual VCO, A-138u, A-139-2, A-183-2, A-138bV, A-138aV, ALM004 - D.S.G, Multimode VCF, A-190-2, A-101-6, A-132-3v, Digital Delay, A-111-3, Black Modulator, Tirana II, VCO II, FX16-CV, Modular Solo, SARA VCF, XR22 VCO FT, A-187-1, Four Bricks Rook, ADDAC221, Graphic VCO, CHORD MACHINE 2 (2017), ADDAC222, Z8000, ADDAC402 4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm Generator, OCS-2, Eloquencer, Capsule Titan Modules, MODULÖR114, Mult (black), Multiple, York Modular Circuits (YoMo) Twin-T (revision 2), York Modular Circuits (YoMo) OptoThing v2.0, SeaMoss instruments ATT 60, MIX, LFO v2, Uoki-Toki - Bum! , 3LFO, 3LFO, L-130 LFO4, U-081 , 3HP Paperface SuperSAW Oscillator, DIV, LFO-1, S-142 4-step seq, VCF 20, S-143, U-031 Quad Gate-to-Trig converter, M-133 3ch slider mixer, Seamoss VCF 20, Circuit Slices ADSR 6hp version, 2xVCA, Bermuda, STEPS, M-136 6ch slider mixer, M-176, uBermuda, Pico SEQS, Headphone Amplifier, VCF 2164, M-217 Trig/gate to MIDI w. velocity, RPG, S-180 8-Step Sequencer, VCLFO-C, MIDI / CV, Random Pulse 4x, VC Signal Switcher, LFO2 (Mk. II), ANTI PATROON , ADDAC304, M-218, ED722 - Slow Oscillator, LPF, Euclid, Tune (black), Div (black), Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer, ES202 - Resonant Equalizer, SEQ-1, A-140v, Arp (Black), WL Envelope, Arp, Comb, Verb, Delay, Switch, Alias DVCO, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), GMS-632EU USB/MIDI/CV Interface, S.P.O., VCA, A-124, WL Modulator, Heuristic I/O MIDI Expansion, Euclid (Black version), Echo Delay (Aluminium), WL Echo, WL Filter, WL LFO, Step Modulator, Lifeforms ADSR, SDS_VCO, PURE VCO, GR21 VCF, VC ADSR, Tromsø (Aluminum Panel), A-121-2, Pico Voice, JFET VCO, TWO59 VCO, ACID DELAY black , Cinnamon (Aluminum Panel), Sequential Switch v2, A-190-3, Selector, Midi to Clock V2, Sequencer (Mk. II), ADSR, Osc, Env, Filt, LFO, Nse, Rnd, A-110-2, ED701 - miniScope, AI004 OTA VCF, 8S, SEQ-UFD, Wavetable LFO V2, μStep, Sequencer, Touch Sequencer, Dual Mini Sequencer, EKG, VIII, Sequence 8, K2579 Step Sequencer, ROT8, ADRIFT // ERG, A-155, Spinning in Circles, Tetra MAPS, GHz Labs - CV Sequencer, OCTO-SEQ, Gate Sequencer, Super 16 CV / Gate Sequencer, SEQUENCER 101, Graphic Sequencer, Pure Sequencer, VIII: Blue Edition, Model 21c, GT8, Seq Bug, Varigate 4+, Trigger Sequencer, Klasmata, SQ8, Measures, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), 8-step trigger sequenser (alu), VCSQ2, D-250 Pattern Generator, Baby Steps (Prototype), Mandalatron, MITØ, RS-200, A-154, Hsta baby8 sequencer, A-157-1 (Prototype), Knit Rider, ANALOG SEQUENCER, Seq (black), A-157-1, DrumDokta2, Lizard2 (Black Series), Micro Sequence, MIDI STEP SEQUENCER, Synthola, Sequence 8, CHARCOT CIRCLES, MFB-522, Z8000 MK1, Arpeggiator 2013, Permutation (18hp black), Turing Machine Mk II, SRL12, 8-track / 16-step Trigger Sequencer, Vector Sequencer, Permutation (12hp black), Oberheim Mini Sequencer, ORBIT, PURE Sequencer, Rhythm, 1050 Mixer Sequencer, Synthbox, Mimetic Digitalis, Lizard2 MK2, Euclidean Circles, Turing Machine Random Sequencer, Circadian Rhythms, ALAK, Octopus, Yarns, Hermod, K4815 Pattern Generator, Seek, SEQ-01-Pro, Universal Event Generator, Popcorn, Tadpole Sequencer, Crazy8 Beats, Robokop, SM010 Matrixarchate, Metropolis, Trigger Riot, Prizma (Modest Panel), cv_looper, KRM-100, Tuesday, Red Light District, Prizma, Spectral Multiband Resonator (Magpie "Murdered Out" faceplate), C Quencer DLX, omnimod, Yarns , Toolbox, Fxbox and Anushri (Eurorack)
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