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My practic EurorackEurorackPrivate
EP-270/EP-420 (copy) (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
PM 104HP (copy)EurorackPrivate
EP-270/EP-420 (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
EP-270/EP-420 (copy)EurorackPrivate
My paling EurorackEurorackPrivate
Pod 48XEurorackPrivate
EP-270 7-21EurorackPrivate
EP-420 7-21EurorackPrivate
EP-270 3EurorackPrivate
EP-270 IIEurorackPrivate
EP-420 2-20Eurorack
Pod 32EurorackPrivate
PM 104HPEurorackPrivate
M72 PedalsPedalsPrivate
Dreadbox Case 94EurorackPrivate

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.bam, .com, DUAL BORG, Richter Envelator, Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM) Expander, EKG, Defibrillator - plain, Variatic Sequent, Cranial Saw dual VCO, Mankato Filter, Blender, S.P.O., nw1, Variatic Basicus, Variatic Multium, Theta, Delta, Grendel Drone Commander 2 Main Module, Grendel Drone Commander 2 CV Expander, QUADNIC, mod1, Aperture, WL Dual VCA, WL Envelope, WL Filter, WL Mixer, Field Kit, Morphagene, Triad (Black Panel), TONESTAR 8106, Splash, WL Murmux Filter, WL Modulator, Switch 4, Vector Space, 1BIT Multitap Delay, FIELD KIT FX, Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, Nerdseq – IO Expander, Dreadbox Case 94 Panel, Manther Growl, Nebulae v2, Synapse, Scanned, GRAINY CLAMPIT (Black Edition), ANA, State Variable VCF, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Manis Iteritas (Black), Lizard, Ataraxic Iteritas (Black), Dark Matter, DATA (BLACK), ADDAC306 , Angle Grinder (Black), Prism, Chord v2, CalTrans, Contour 1, Multiwaves, ADDAC611, Quad VCA(White or Black), Lúbadh, Lúbadh expander, Poly 2, Metron (Black), AXYS, VOLTERA, Portal, 100 Grit (black), Antiphon, M T2D, Utopia, Hysteria, Eudemonia, Ataxia, Dystopia, Diode Chaos, Cellz, Chipz, NERDSEQ – TRIGGER16 EXPANDER GREY/BLACK, Ara, Co-Captains, ochd, Surface, Data Bender, Waver, Ensemble Oscillator, CP3A-M Mixer, 914, SL3KT, NerdSEQ CV16 Expander Black/Grey, Interstellar Radio (Black Panel), Time Warp, ADDAC601 VC Fixed Filter Bank (black), Arpitecht (black panel), Javelin, Skew Fade LFO(B/W), Triple Bipolar VCA (BLACK), Chimera (Black), Antidote, Fracture (Black), Ikarie, Orobas, Sequential Switch Matrix (black) and Saber
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