On Grid since October 27th, 2018

Make Noise old layout wo 4rth skiff showing Roland System-1m Eurorack View
Zed David's Pittsburgh Semi-Modular Twin 90 hp Cell Case Rev 1 Modular System (didnt buy) Eurorack View
Weak Attempt to show Roland, Moog & Make Noise Semi Modular Eurorack View
Make Noise - Proposal (missing 1U mult bus row, no semi-modulars but with Euclidean Circles Ext Module) Eurorack View
Semi-Modular Rack (sits leftside adjacent to Main Rig with Proposal 60hp Expansion for additional Modular rack to fill Moog 3-Tier Stand Eurorack View
Unpowered Skiff Passive Modules Eurorack View
power check Eurorack View
Final workflow Eurorack View

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