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Reverb, ParaEq, Tremolo 2, Empress Echosystem, Empress Compressor, Terverb, Patchulator 8000, Warped Vinyl HiFi, Spectre (Blue Knob), Tonal Recall Red Knob Mod, Brothers, AARP, Generation Loss, Organelle, Vintage Ultra, Molecular Disruption Device, Apocalypse, Fuzz War, Echo Dream 2, Ghost Delay, Digiverb, Whammy 5, Hardwire RV-7 Stereo Reverb, XP-300 Space Station, DMC-3XL, DMC.Micro, Death Metal (FX86B), Atmosphere, BitQuest, The Elements, Westwood, Gray Channel, Palisades, Digitakt, MixingLink, Space, H9 Max Harmonizer, Shallow Water, The Accountant, Infinite Jets Resynthesizer, RM-1N, Mercury 7, Polymoon, Positive, Your and You're, Count to 5, Phase 90, Team Awesome Fuzz Machine, Pretty Years, Fuck Overdrive, MINI, buzzz, Deco, Zuma, Dig Dual Digital Delay, El Capistan, Big Sky, Ojai, Bloomery Volume Pedal, Vanguard Dual Phase, Violet World, DS-1-4A, CE-3 Chorus, DC-2 Dimension C, PH-2 Super Phaser, PS-3, DF-2, HM-2 Heavy Metal, PS-5, CE-2W, DD-6 Digital Delay, DD-3 Digital Delay, DD-7, DD-500 Digital Delay, RE-20 Space Echo, Mutant Brain, Kinks, µo_C SE (uo_C, Ornament & Crime) [Rev B, Silver], Braids (2015), nRings, Maths, Peaks, Tides, Clouds, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, MANGROVE, THREE SISTERS, Quad VCA, COLD MAC, Rainmaker, GPI, Ciao! (Aluminum), Pladask Elektrisk Fabrikat, Fuzzrocious The Demon, Tastychips GR-1, Astro, Cabzeus, Organelle, Pladask Elektrisk TÅKEN, Pladask Elektrisk ROMFERD, Digitone, Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe, Monome Grid 128, Moomindrone T, Hungry Robot Pedals - The Wardenclyff, Twin-City ABY, Frazz Dazzler V2 and Tomkat Cloudy
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