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Whiteface 8 HP Filter View
Timo Rozendal CEM3340 VCO 8 HP Oscillator View

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Plog, Buff Mult, A-100B42, Praga, Links, ALM004 - D.S.G, Quad-Atten, Streams, MIX 4, Performance Buffered Mult, Warps, ALM010 - O/A/x2, A-106-5 SE, Quadratt 1U, Audio I/O 1U, Audio I/O Jacks 1U, 10 HP Blind, Kinks, Pico MULTI, Pico INPUT, 106 Chorus, 8HP 1U Blank, 2HP 1U Blank, Nse, Magpie Links Panel, Shades (PCB Panel), Samara, Veils (PCB Panel), Blinds (PCB Panel), Disting mk4, Headphones 1U, Noise Tools 1U, Buff Mult 1U, Brst, A-180-9, Tallin, Black Mixer/Splitter V2, Quad Gate Delay, Pico MScale, Plancks, Blank Panel, Mix (Black Panel), µBurst, Plaits, Stages, Zadar, Ornament & Crime (Magpie black panel), Octalink 1U, Yarns, uBurst, Warps, DATA (BLACK), 101-VCF RED, Warna II, QPAS, Sinc Defero (Black), Tuesday, Wobbler, Expert Sleepers Disting MK4 (alternate panel), Rene Mk2, Tempi, MATHS (black panel), STO (Black and Gold), JP6-VCF, Zadar (black panel), Cockpit BLCK_EDITION, SWT16+, SN, HH, Humpback Filter, Radio Music (Black Panel), Timo Rozendal CEM3340 VCO, Sampleslicer, n.v.h.s, flipanda, AI004 OTA VCF, CEMVelope, Dual XVCA., CP, punch, HAIBLE DUAL WASP FILTER, God's Box 'Lollipop' compressor, DEVICE, Whiteface, XIIO, BD, Nin, Edgecutter, Warps (PCB Panel), Plaits (PCB Panel), Stages (PCB Panel), DVCA, Maze, Westlicht PER|FORMER (Performer alternate panel), PUNCH V2, petit mix_v2, shuby, HATZ, COPYCAT ( patchingpanda ), Hrad, KNOT, 6MIX, FADE, Grand Terminal BLCK_EDITION, Gateway Terminal Expansion BLCK_EDITION, Furthrrrr Generator BLCK_EDITION, DUPLICATE Westlicht Performer, Rings (PCB Panel), Frames (PCB Panel), Shelves (PCB Panel), Shelves Expander (PCB Panel), Marbles (PCB Panel), Dannysound Cali Oscillator and Dannysound EN129
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