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current snooze Eurorack Private
*Ambient Snooze: Granular Sampler & FX processor 4.1 - 90hp Suitcase Eurorack View
*Stage 3: GRAND SNOOZE 6 (Independent) Eurorack Private
*Stand-Alone FX processor Snooze Rack 4.0 - 84hp (Powered Case) Eurorack View
*Stage 1: Single-Case SNOOZE Eurorack View
*Stage 1: Single-Case SNOOZE (Digitakt controlled) Eurorack View
*Stage 1a: Experimental Granular Sample SNOOZE Eurorack Private
*Stage 1: Single-Case SNOOZE (independent) Eurorack View
Micro Snooze Eurorack View
*Ambient Snooze: Granular Sampler & FX processor 5 - 90hp Suitcase (copy) Eurorack View
Micro Snooze FX Eurorack View
Ned's Business Trip (Xaoc shared system suitcase) Eurorack View
*Stage 4: ULTRA SNOOZE Eurorack Private
*Stage 4: OMEGA SNOOZE Eurorack View
Surgeon 17 (copied from GorillaMuseum) (copied from marc_om) (copied from Runciter) Eurorack View
*Stage 2: Snooze Alpha Eurorack View
*Stage 1: Snooze Beta (Single-Case w/ tracking expansion) Eurorack View
*Stage 4: OMEGA SNOOZE (black panels) Eurorack Private
*Stage 2alt: Snooze Alpha (w/ control & rec output ext) Eurorack Private
*Stage 2: Snooze Alpha (adjusted for no Leibniz system and single case) Eurorack View

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