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Collection 172 modules

A-142-2, A-133, A-132-1, A-142-3, A-130-2, Preset, Quad VCA, A-111-6, A-145-4, MISO, A-138n, A-138s, U-080 Fix CV, Ts-L, Filter 8, Generate 3, U-012 Dual Attenuverter + DC, D-250 Pattern Generator, M-174, E-480, MAR, ZMF, A-101-2, C-240 VC Envelope, C-035 ENV+VCA, Batumi, CVilization, Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII, Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM), SM010 Matrixarchate, Chance (Black Panel), Wave Painter, M-172, U-040 Min/max, Dannysound EN129 , M-053 3-ch Aux Mixer, M-160 6ch mono/stereo/aux mixer, Mixer++, A-138i, A-110-6, A-196, A-101-6, Hermod (Black Panel), 4R, S-187 Voltage Controlled Clock/Trig/Gate Modifier, S-189 Trig/Gate Delay, Quad Gate Delay, Freak, Zeroscope 1U, Quadrax, 333, 321, Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, Stepper Acid, Bin Seq, Dual Mini Sequencer, SYSTEM 100 182 ANALOG SEQUENCER, CHARCOT CIRCLES, Eloquencer (Silver), M1xXOR, Gate_Mod, V9a, A-151, A-185-2, A-150-8, Black Dual EG/LFO, Electro-Music Klee Sequencer , Scales, Quantoct Quad Quantizer, Eloquencer, FM AID, Radioactive, ТАКТОМЕR-2c aluminium, Mimetic Digitalis, Octone, 10HP Mini O_C_D Matt Black with Gold, Logica XT, ATOM, Brains, Linnaeus, A-155, A-143-1, A-110-3, A-110-4, A-154, ADSR, 101-VCO Blue, ADDAC306 , A-162, ADDAC207, A-156, Quadra, Complex Envelope Generator, A-143-2, A-142-4, RADAR, Quad Envelope, P-075 Dual switch, A-171-2, S-184 CV-8/3 outputs ...for S-180 w. sliders , S-180 8-Step Sequencer, S-183 CV-8/2 outputs ...for S-180, S-181 Outs-8 Individual outs ...for S-180, S-188 VC Clock shuffler ...for S-180, A-182-1, Buffered Switched Multiple, A/B++, 2X A/B, Multiple dual channel in two parts, S-143, Q-010 Easy Quantizer (W/Y/R knobs), S-142 4-step seq, S-141 4-step seq – quantized , A-182-2, T-240 Transposer, Step Fader, Quadigy, DTVCA, Hexagram, HexMix VCA, Percall, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, 2^4^8, Veils, Q-VCA, CalTrans, Harmonaig, Twin waves, Duo Quantize (2016), Tune, VCA, TM, Pico Switch, A-150, WK1, 8x8 Buffered Matrix, D-010 Twin-T Drums, SwitchMix, µTune, Sumtiple, μTune Expander, Loquelic Iteritas Percido , S-186 Dual Delay, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), M/DIV, COLD MAC, Selecter Black, Drips V2, Tea Kick(Aluminum Panel), 921, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, Ensemble Oscillator, A-133-2, Cascade, UF1 microfx, Mutuj, Arpitecht, More VCAs, Audio Frequency Generator (AFG), Hysteria, Multiple / Subtractor MK1 , ТАКТОМЕR-2д12 black, A-130-8, TheBateleur - Voltage Controlled Oscillator MKII, TWO59 Shaper, CEM3340 VCO, 0-CTRL, Teletype, Buffered multiple 1 to 3 (x4 ... and more!), T43 and Stereo Sir Mix Alot (2020)

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This User rated 3 modules.

Black LFO (5), Black VC EG (5) and Freak (5)
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