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Cockpit, Shuttle System BLCK_EDITION, 880, AA.1, Magneto, Contempt, Autodyne, Mutant Bassdrum, Mutant Hot Glue, Mutant Clap, Mutant Snare, Mutant Hihats, Mutant Machine, Bus Mult, Control Voltage Processor, ADDAC802R, ADDAC802 Quintet Mixing Console, Maths (white knobs), STMIX, Multiplicity VI Midnight (2HP), Black 8-Multi, Pico DSP, Pico BBD, Black Double Bass, Black Stereo Mixer, Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator, Lifeforms System Interface, Lifeforms Mod Tools, Micro Sequence, Lifeforms Binary Filter, Toolbox, Bitbox 2.0, Stages, OCS-2, MMO-3, Shuttle Control, ES-8 Bitwig Edition, Melody Mill, Multi, O'Tool Plus, ES-3 mk4, ES-6 mk2, Disting mk4, Pingable Envelope Generator, Quad Pingable LFO, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, SCM - Shuffling Clock Multiplier V2, Rotating Clock Divider V2, Maths, Batumi, Zadar, Rene Mk2, Black Erbe-Verb, modDemix (black panel), X-Pan, HiPass, Moog Minitaur, MeeBlip Anode, Gra-eco, Strymon BigSky, Empress Reverb, ER-110, ER-100, Black Sequencer, MX4 MIDI Buffered Multiple, Lifeforms SV-1, Moog Mother-32, Mother's Little Helper, SDS_VCO, Teenage Engineering PO33 K.O!, Teenage Engineering PO35 speak, Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic, Teenage Engineering PO-12, West Coast Random Source, Oscillator, EF / Preamp, LedRover, SCI FI, RK3 Ringer/Shaper, Harmonic Multiplier , XTorsion, Cobalt Smelter Lab, Morgasmatron, VCF-101 (Black), Tonestar 8106 BLACK, Panharmonium, Eventide Space, Manifold, Ian Fritz's Hypster - Magpie white panel, Dual Mini Sequencer, MODSEQ, Plonk, 6x MIX - black, arbhar, Lúbadh, Ceis, Harmonic Oscillator, TubeOhm SMR4P Multimode VCF, Knead , Euclidean Circles v2, ALM015 - Akemie's Taiko, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Zularic Repetitor, Check point, Prizma+, SND/RTN, nw2s::io (balanced), nw2s::o16 (balanced), LAMP-3, A-183-9, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), RECORD, Werner, FRANZ, LVLS, Elektrofon – Klang, SWITCH INTERFACE 2, GPI, Ferry, Benjolin, AUDIO INTERFACE, UPE (Universal Panning Expander), Dual Delay, tanh[3], ADDAC206 Switching Sequencer, Trigger Riot, Dual Bissell Generator, Vulcan Modulator, Storage Strip, Minipass V2, Aeolus Mixer, Balanced Outputs - BMC47, Selector, 4x4x4, MVP - Manual Voltage Processor, Either-OR Eurorack OR Module, ZeroScope and Six Switches
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