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Module Region Price
Arches EU €580,00 
Shuttle Control (black) EU €420,00 
saïch EU €410,00 
Stumm EU €145,00 
Bloom EU €290,00 
Tetrapad EU €280,00 
Serge New Timbral Oscillator (NTO) EU €400,00 
DPO (black panel) EU €890,00 
Ensemble Oscillator EU €290,00 
Warps EU €320,00 
Optomix (black panel) EU €550,00 

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Collection 107 modules

LS1lightstrip, Ripples, Grids, Mult, Links, Peaks, Optodist, Branches, Loquelic Iteritas, ER-101 (nostalgia), ER-102, Combine-OR, Kabelhänger, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Variatic Erumption, Moog Mother-32, Braids (2015), Rings, A-140v, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Ears, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Mult, Tetrapad, Quad VCA, Cursus Iteritas, Vector Sequencer, Bin Seq, Arches, PWT 08, Big Sky, Timeline, DD-7, SP Compressor, NS-2 Noise Suppressor, The Dreamscape, Tube Screamer Mini, Spark Mini Booster, Cry Baby GCB95, Analog Drive, RV-6 Reverb, Manis Iteritas, uO_C, Radar, Magneto, Planar 2, Plaits, Stages, Marbles, Jack Expander, LPG, Sinfonion, Tides, PWR Checker, Shuttle Control (black), DATA (BLACK), Bloom, Terci Ruina, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , A-182-2, Stumm, Steve's MS-22, FX AID_black, UK Gold 900, Logan Overdrive, VC Logics, Overseer (black panel), Performance Mixer (black), Sweet Sixteen Mk.II, Quanalog Ladder Filter, Micro Preamp 008 Mesa MkII, Degree++++ VCO Controller, PM Channels (Black), PM Mutes Expander (Black), Veils (2020), saïch, Freak, MSCL (Black Panel), LxD (Black and Gold), Tempi, CV Tape Station v2.7, Mutes, S-180 8-Step Sequencer, S-183 CV-8/2 outputs ...for S-180, S-182 CV outputs ...for S-180, Desmodus Versio (Silver), Beads, Warps, Moon Phase, ochd, Brains, Hatz v2 , Mimeophon, Pressure Points, DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother, Subharmonicon (2020 edition), Electus Versio, A-111-4v, Ensemble Oscillator, RS909 (WHITE), MA808 (WHITE), RS808 (WHITE), CB808 (WHITE), SD808 (WHITE), HATS808 (WHITE), BD808 (WHITE) and MIXZ

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RT60 (3) and Running Order (black) (3)
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