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7U electricjigglelooEurorack
62hp 4u ufoEurorack
62hp 4u scratchEurorack
62hp 4u blankEurorack
7U min scratchEurorack
7U blank templateEurorack
7U Newkular Foozeball Double FilterEurorack
7U Newkular Foozeball (copy)Eurorack
Nugglet MixEurorack
7U Newkular FoozeballEurorack
Quantizer TarantinoEurorack
sub mix alotEurorack
lets go down to sample townEurorack
20210414 deskEurorack
6x126 take2Eurorack
20210323 current desk (copy)Eurorack
20210323 current deskEurorack
20210320 sketch 19in x 6Eurorack
12u84 desk 202103Eurorack
intellijelli 7u104Eurorack
maybe 9u126Eurorack
9u126 20210211invEurorack
12u x 126Eurorack
black inventoryEurorack
double 2x84Eurorack
9u84hp19rack 20210211 (copy)Eurorack
19in x 6Eurorack
My unprimed Eurorack 5x126Eurorack
9u84hp19rack 20210211Eurorack
8x126hp - Inventory (copy)Eurorack
Perpetual Inspiration Machine 5x126 (copy)Eurorack
8x84hp - InventoryEurorack
WishList 8x126Eurorack
9u84hp19rack Minimal InventoryEurorack
Saladfingers 126Eurorack
12u84hp19rack suitcaseEurorack
168hp - inventoryEurorack
grunkle snerf 6x126Eurorack
Perpetual Inspiration Machine 4x126Eurorack
space fiddleEurorack

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DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother (5), Moog Mother-32 (4) and Disting mk4 (4)
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