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My gimcrack EurorackEurorack
My gimcrack EurorackEurorack
My gimcrack EurorackEurorack
Sonfonic Generator (copied from LunetIX)Eurorack
1 drum rack 2EurorackPrivate
Pod (copy) (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
1 drum rack 3EurorackPrivate
Techno 2022 - next 2Eurorack
Techno 2022 - WinterEurorack
1 drum rack 1EurorackPrivate
2022 Ambient 3EurorackPrivate
Big Ambient RackEurorackPrivate
1 drum rack next 1EurorackPrivate
Pod (copy) (copy)EurorackPrivate
Pod (copy)EurorackPrivate
2022 autumn noise experienceEurorack
Techno 2022 - autumnEurorack
2022 summer holiday - WFMEurorack
2022 Ambient 2 - WFMEurorackPrivate
Techno 2022 - summerEurorack
X Techno - Sweet 16EurorackPrivate
2022 Acid Rack 2 - WFMEurorackPrivate
X Techno - MetropolixEurorackPrivate
2022 Acid Rack 1 - WMF RothenburgEurorackPrivate
2022 Ambient 1 - WFMEurorackPrivate
Techno 2021 WFM!Eurorack

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Collection 119 modules

A-120, A-132-3, A-134-1, Buffered Mult, CP909, 1hp Blank, A-100B1, A-151, A-180-2 Multiples, Mult, Links, Ultrafold, Loquelic Iteritas, Quad-Atten, SEQ-03 Step Sequencer, A-160-2, ADE-32 Octocontroller, ALM008 - Pip Slope, ALM009 - Tangle Quartet, A-124 SE, CASSA L.E.P., MMF, µMIDI, Rings, A-140v, A-180-2v, Quadratt 1U, USB Power 1U, Kinks, Black Hole DSP, Black Quad VCA, Pico DRUMS, Pico VCF3, Pico Trigger, Pico OUT, Black Wavetable VCO, Six Switches, 2HP 1U Blank, A-138bV, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Black Octasource, Headphones 1U, Z8000, ALM017-EX Pexp-2, Q-010 Easy Quantizer (W/Y/R knobs), Black Modulator, Pico Voice, Verb (Black Panel), Mixup, Blank Panel, Blank Panel, ADE-33 Event Boss, Drum Mixer, Plaits, Marbles, OUT V3, QD - Quad Drum Voice, Bassline, Hat (Black Panel), Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Euclidean Circles v2, Forbidden Planet, ALM021 - MCO, Lapsus Os (Black), Kickall, Sinc Bucina, Mutes, STMIX, Monsoon, A-145-4, A-182-2, Pico SEQ2, Drums2, Mimeophon, SD808 (WHITE), Stereo Line Out 1U, FSR 1U, Duatt, Black Blind panel 4HP, Black Blind panel 1HP, Alan, MSCL (Black Panel), FREESTYLO, ochd, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), 10hp Blank Panel (Back), 4tten, C4RBN, FX AID XL, A-100B2v, Super Sixteen, Morcom, Enigma, Imitor Versio, Metropolix, Golden Master (black), Low Pass Filter (White Panel), 4x Stereo Mix_black, Cockpit 1U (black), Entity Ultra-Kick, Morgasmatron, Beads, Steppy 1U, Dual Dagger, Javelin, Clep Diaz (Black w/ Jacks & LEDS), ALM010 - O/A/x2, Line-In 1U, Black Hole DSP2, Sample | Hold (White Panel), Passive LPG 1U, A-100B2, Planar 2, ALM032 - MFX, 4U x 62HP Palette Case Top Row SILVER (0.5U), Spherical Wavetable Navigator , Maths, Data Bender and Clock (White Panel)

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Morcom (4)
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