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My sincere EurorackEurorack
QOTD Ambient 104 - balekEurorack
107 Keyboard SynthEurorack
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Left (copy)Eurorack
My nervate EurorackEurorack
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Dual Dreadful VCFEurorack

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Collection 152 modules

Quad VCA, Maths (white knobs), S+H (Black Panel), COLD MAC, ADDAC207, Rene Mk2, QPAS, Disting mk4, O'Tool Plus, 3:1, Kinks, Shifty, Bionic Lester MK III, Chainsaw, Dixie II+, Morgasmatron, Triplatt, Chopping Kinky, JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds), Qx, Quadrax, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, uO_C, Stillson Hammer mkII, Extra Mullet (Black), Extra Mullet, MULT, Marbles, HexMix VCA, Mixup, Tete, Tetrapad, ES-9, Microcell - uCell, µCell, Micro Supercell (black panel), Frames, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), VCA, Illyana, Plonk, Switchblade, 3:1 (Black Panel), Euclid, Tempi, Turing Machine Mk II, Pulses Mk II, Hermod (Black Panel), OUT V3, Navigator, STO (white knobs), LPG, Odessa, Hel, Add 2, Leap, Mix 3, Athru, tanh[3], [2]f, VOLTERA, CRATER, Instrument Interface v2, RackBrute 6U/3U Power, Blank 2Hp, Peaks (White / Gold Panel), AXXENT, Milky Way, DATA (powder/silk panel), Generate 3, Contour 1, Filter 8, ochd, Rings, A-118-2, 0-CTRL, Ensemble Oscillator, A-160-2, Interstellar Radio, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, lìon, RND STEP, LRMSMSLR, Morphagene, Stages, Select 2, Wobbler, modDemix 2014, Arpitecht (black panel), Triad (Black Panel), ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard, Performance Mixer (black), MSCL (Black Panel), Richter Wogglebug 2014, Lyra8-FX (different knobs), Percall, Bitbox Micro, Mimeophon, Maestro, DROID, DROID P2B8 Controller, DROID G8 Expander, Spherical Wavetable Navigator , FX AID XL_black, ALM017-EX Pexp-2, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), PM Channels (Black), Audio Interface II, Plaits, Bad Comrade V3, Jumble Henge, A-160, OR Switch (AFRORACK and Ali The Architect collab edition) black, Beads, MTX9 Pin Matrix, Mutes, Compare 2, Javelin, SCLPL, AXYS, Planar 2, Guillotine, Flexibilité, MX4 MIDI Buffered Multiple, Gibbon, Crow, Giraffe, Nerdseq - 'More Triggers 16' Expander Black, A-151v, Chimera (Black), TheBateleur - Mixer / Noise, TheBateleur Expander (8HP) MKI, TheBateleur - Voltage Controlled Oscillator MKI, Piston Honda Mk III, Vector Sequencer, Jack Expander, NUTONE, Chronoblob, Magneto, Tš-L v2, Ring SM (Black), Dual Dreadful VCF, Sinc Iter, Golden Master, ALM028 - Pip Slope (mk II), OSD - Or / Sum / Difference, Loop (Black Panel), FH-2 'factotum', FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, MIDI Breakout and DPLPG (Black)
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