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Grains FX DIY aka Clouds, DJMEQ-300, Oktra, PAN, MFX, Pizza, Softpop SP2, Ears, crow, Ansible, Teletype, Sweet Sixteen (alternate panels), Pamela's NEW Workout, Jumble Henge, Pip Slope (mk II), Mult, mmMidi, MCO, HPO, Squid Salmple, Quaid Megaslope, Akemie's Taiko, O/A/x2, Akemie's Castle, Tangle Quartet, Dinky's Taiko, Beast's Chalkboard, µO_C micro Ornament & Crime (silver), MicroTides, COLD MAC, JUST FRIENDS (v2-Gold Clouds), W/, JUST FRIENDS, RIP, MANGROVE, THREE SISTERS, Buddy, Ikarie, Ciao - Black, ABC - Black, Waver, Kompas, Dark Matter, Popcorn, AGOGO, BE2N, TABOR, Beads, Veils (2020), Marbles, Tides, Shades (2020), Ripples (2020), Stages, Plaits, Rings, Kinks, Branches, CVpal, Links, XOH, Strega, 0-CTRL, Mimeophon, QPAS, X-Pan, Rene Mk2, Telharmonic (Black and Gold), STO (Black and Gold), LxD (Black and Gold), 0-Coast, Morphagene, Tempi, Optomix (black panel), DPO (black panel), modDemix (black panel), Erbe-Verb (black panel), MATHS (black panel), Richter Wogglebug 2014, Teleplexer, 1hp Blank, Pressure Points, Brains, Booster Stage, uO_c (aluminum panel), Disting mk4, disting EX, Nebulae v2, Data Bender (Silver), Data Bender, Prism, Bloom, Nebulae V2 silver, uO_c (black panel), nRings, Sawari, GOMA, Nearness, v3kt, GOBLET, GITGUD, Denum, quarté, Xer Dualis, Pamela's PRO Workout, Endless Processor (both panels), Man-Machine Interface MMI Maxima, 2HP2CV USB to CV Adapter, Touch Controlled Voltage Source MODEL 112-3, Aikido, CATPAW silver, VAC-LPG, Nearness v3, Mister Grassi, Man-Machine Interface Matrix MMI, MMI Helios Rectus, Dunst, Thererec, Chaos, SUM, Krait, Transmon, Idein, Yeats 14HP blind panel, AV2 Attenuverter, Dual Delay, Steady State Gate, Spherical Sound Society - Vortex Generator, Bizmuth, SIGNOS, Lapsus Os (Black), Lapsus Os, BLK BLX, A-520 4ch(in) line preamp, Stripple, VCAs, Scanner, ASHIKO, Valmorification, Melanzane, Weird Vector, DADA, Hexa Mix 6 VCA, Mutant Brain, Amps, Liquid Foam, Dual Dagger, Blinkenlights MicroScope Oscilloscope, Swoop, Psychedelic Voltage Processor, BlitzarPrint Uzumaki Blank, Basil, Traffic, Uncertainty, Axis, Castor & Pollux II, ACRONYM, Garden, Dam, ATN8, Atten/Mixer, Melotus Versio, DPLPG (Black), 2LPG v2, COSMOS, Juniper, Scales, Triple Sloths V2, PPEXP2, Koma Kommander, µO_C, OCP X (Black), Jangler 3U, FlipTwistPushTouch, Junction, Microcell - uCell, µCell, Micro Supercell (black panel), HZR - Black Patina Blank, Gravity, 321, yodo, The Tetragrid, uO_Cx, MIX43 - Attenuverting Matrix, MIXZ (BLACK), chloe mk4, ASCOLTA, 2hp LPG V2, m-Brane (6hp Mutable Yarns), Pico DRUMS, Pico Noise, Drums2, Roti Pola (black w knobs), 333-Atteo, MKC8 Ор black, Milton, Sprout, Basimilus Iteritas Alia, Materia - Fankui, 333-OUT V2, Maestro, QUA, Victor Alpha 2, Ciao!!, Triple Sloth white panel, Asset, Monos 0, Water, Light, GRID, 7J, Turning Tide - Pipe & Pallet, Old Leaves - Pipe & Pallet, New Skin - Pipe & Pallet, Tremors - Pipe & Pallet, Pacing - Pipe & Pallet, Repetitions - Pipe & Pallet, Pet Rock, DOT (black panel), Nibbler, TUL, , 10CHAN DIY Blank Panel, 333-FmDrum, P4L / FLPG, IOU, SoundStage, ミキシング mikishingu, Mutable Instruments Plaits (Black/Gold), EBB & FLOW, Vertex, SoundStage II, Spectraphon, MidSide+, Coven LFO, VI Mix, Dual Stereo Volume, Spotato, HS-114 Stardust - Dual VCA, Door To The Stars, blossom ブロッサム, EuRolz, Duber, VnIcursal VCA (Classic Panel), VnIcursal VCA(Soulless panel), tágh, rip_diy, Draags, Catnip, pinhl 2020, Helium, Control Bus, birdsnest - DISTRIBUTION BUS (104HP), aligot, Opal, Micro Phone Out, O, Towel, cuïr, [1]f, Hand 手, Micronova, Cnōc, Seq5, Monitr, Streams, Solar Theremin, QBI, Ipse, Multi, Sosumi, DE-13 Star Maker, KNOBI, Raiju, Unknown Pleasures, ReduXer, Six Eyes, DELTA T, AT THE GATES, Wrangler, Gainbrain, nanoRings, "Пуск-1" Black, Mutation, m4 / Button Array Controller, "Пуск-3" black, "Пуск-3" aluminium, DXG, CONTROLE Attenuverter Bank - WHITE, Prizma mkII (black), Check point, Leopard, Zebra, Lunar Delay, Sam, Quiet (Gold), Root (copper), Quiet, Skippy, 1v Slowboy, Neo Trinity, ALGO, Noise 1u, uSloth, Jangler, Blue Rings, Purple Rings, 4seq, Simple Mute, ALM Jumble Henge (WMSB black panel), Isntses 8HP (design C) Blank Panel, Cluster (Silver Panel), LVL, Paths, Blank Panel, oiO, Evi, MiniMix (Black Panel), SunPulse Studios Custom LxD Panel, Testbild x GLNNK It Follows, OUT, Instrument Input, delta^, Mocante, Fourses, Sprott, Materia Octopus Blank Panel, Radical22, DROID M4 - Motor Fader Unit, Octaverter (Prototype), Dirtbike Kickflip v.2, Dirtbike Kickflip, Black & Gold Just Friends Panel, MiniMix (Silver Panel), Cascade, BLACK FILLER - 1HP, BLACK FILLER - 6HP, LPG, Black & Gold LxD Panel, TSTLPG, All the Colours of the Noise, 1HP Blank, 3DVCA, Xcrossfade V2, Voltage Processor, Neptune, BLACK FILLER - 48HP, Mute, 10hp Blank Panel (Back), Tinfoil Blind Panel, Tinfoil Blind Panel, Wogglebug, Micro Crossfader, Maths, Portail, OCP X (Silver), dåpf, SkipLog, Vivisect, utf-8 samplified, QUIVERER (M5), Subway 12 and ES-8

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Kompas (5), KNIT (4), Turing Machine Mk II (4) and Lifeforms SV-1 (4)
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