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Collection 176 modules

Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Dystopia, Bleeding Hearts (Black), Dixie II+, Morphagene, Osiris , Tetrapad, Tete, Kompas, Rample, Airstreamer, Ultrafold, Clep Diaz, Quad VCA, Generate 3, Quadrax, Eudemonia, Marbles, Radio Music, Pico VCF1, A-124 SE, Domino, FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, Lúbadh, Scales, Stages, Data Bender, Lyra8-FX, CVilization, ZeroScope, Zadar, Warna II, Performance mixer, PM Mutes, Rings, Bassline, Mimeophon, DOT (black panel), Twin Waves MkII, Ears, Filter 8, Furthrrrr Generator (black), Golden Master (black), Running Order (black), Cockpit 2 (black), Ground Control (black), Richter Wogglebug 2014, Triplatt, Fold 6, Viol Ruina, Compare 2, Spectrum, DATA (BLACK), O'Tool Plus, Warps, DPLR, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Pluck, STO, Wave Runner, Belgrad, Polaris, E580 Resampling Mini-Delay, Shifty, MISO, modDemix 2014, X-Pan, Muta Jovis (Black), Euclid, RND STEP, Terci Ruina, Cosmix, Ensemble Oscillator, 3x MIA, PER|FORMER, Triple Sloths V2, A-110-4, Zero Point Oscillator, TM, Euclidean Circles v2, Comp (Black Panel), Bloom, Prism, Planar 2, FSU (WHITE), Arpitecht, Turing Machine Mk II (Black), Nin, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), PWR Checker - RED edition, Sindikat, tanh[3], eãs, Blinds, Tool-Box, MSCL (Black Panel), ES-9, Catalyst, METRO, Arp, Penta, Plog, Dual Looping Delay, CHORD MACHINE 2 (2017), Mob of Emus, DUAL BORG, DUAL VCLFO, Nano Rand v2 (natural aluminum), Variable Waveform Generator, Stochastic Inspiration Generator, Stochastic Inspiration Generator 4 Track Expander, Gemini's Path, Lifeforms Micro Sequence b, Signal switch 2, Voltage Block, Harmonaig, Desmodus Versio, ALM009 - Tangle Quartet, 3x VCA, QUART, Dual Dagger, ALM021 - MCO, Muting Mixer & VCA (Silver Panel), Delta-V, Maestro, EFI, Lifeforms Primary Oscillator b, Quad LFO, Black Dual EG/LFO, 6equencer-3U, Constellation, Steppy, Bifold, Messor, Navigator, Freak, dual xfade_black, Bitbox Micro, Quant Gemi, Kickall, Per4mer, STEREO COMPRESSOR, [1]f, uDCO, uVCF 6, Black 3109 VCF/VCA, Jupiter Gas Analyzer, Pivot 2, BaxandallEQ, Drum Mixer, Drum Mixer Lite, Quantus Ampla, Rack Plumber, Thermo Nuclear, JWLR Cast, Tonus VCF r3 Black, Muxlicer, Select 2, Reflex LiveLoop, Pachinko, A-184-1, ADDAC604, Librae Legio, T43, Looking Glass, SH2-VCF r2, Sinfonion, A-182-2, Z5000 (BLACK), Mixwitch, OSD - Or / Sum / Difference, A-166, Miasma, Mindphaser, Tymp Legio and Victor Alpha 2

Rated Modules

This User rated 36 modules.

3x MIA (5), Maestro (5), ONA (5), QUART (5), C4RBN (5), Mult (5), 860 MK2 (5), Veils (2020) (5), ALM028 - Pip Slope (mk II) (5), ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout (5), 4x Stereo Mix (5), Pico INPUT (5), Ceis (4), Surface (4), Black Sequencer (4), ES-9 (4), Anima (4), uPlaits (black) (4), Melotus Versio (4), Data Bender (4), Tš-L v2 (4), Chronoblob2 (4), 2LPG v2 (4), 4tten (4), FX AID XL (4), Ears (4), Lapsus Os (Black) (4), Queen of Pentacles (black) (3), ALM022 - Squid Salmple (3), Maths (3), CalTrans (3), Squawk Dirty To Me (black) (3), Feigen (3), ochd (3), Flexshaper (3) and disting EX (3)
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