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Tonestar Toolbar, Split Black, 1uT_u - 4ROBOTS, Multi-FX 1U, Clamp Silver, Clamp Black, Dual buffered Attenuator / Mixer (1U Tile), Selecter Black, B-Mult black, VCA, Zeroscope 1U, Headphones 1U, Digiverb 1U, Pedal I/O 1U, DUAL VCA 1U, Apex 4ROBOTS (Silver Panel), Quadratt 1U, VCF, Wavelet (w 1u Panel), Vactrol SVF-201, Evolution, Lifeforms Analog Replicator, Black Stereo Delay, Comp (Black Panel), cmp1, Morph 4, Trident, Sheep, Sheep (PCB Panel), 3CO, HM VCO, X-4046, VCO-1, GRAINY CLAMPIT (Black Edition), Oscitron, Graphic VCO, AModulator, Generalissimo, NOZORI 68, Rainmaker, Odessa, Pico Voice, Synthbox, DUAL FREQSHIFTER, oA, Pitch, nw2s::b2/dsp, Eventide Space, Fxbox, RS-240, Pitch (Black Panel), VCA-2P, Model 110 Quad Gate, 1067 VCA, Two Gates, Cluster, VC8, Tube Fuzz, Fusion VCO, ES12 - Triple Bi-Directional Router, 32:1, ADDAC305 Manual Latches, SCI FI, 2LFOSH, error-modular sonic Lullaby black, 4-Band Distortion,Mög D-2, Black Output Module, BLM Quinarius, µMIDI 1U, Treadstone Analogue Synthesizer, Delta CEP A, Demon Core EXPANDER, M185 Sequencer, Logic, CMOS Party 4hp Logic module, Low-Gain Short Bus, LOGIC 101, 1uT_u (Old Panel), Alchemical Audio Touch Controller, Control, Gatestorm, ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources, Black Voltage Controlled Clock, DATA (System 5V), error-modular SPIKES .illuminatie, NTBA (Noise to Brain Adapter), A-190-4, Wave Painter, MORPHEUS, Z-DSP, CGS733 - 4x4 Matrix Mixer, VCF S100 (Aluminium), Praga (black panel), Echo2, DIY Polivoks-inspired VCA, VCA-1.2, CMOS FX Processor , Tallin (black panel), VCA/Mix, VCA (Aluminium), Arplifier, Barton VCA Mixer (Grayscale panel), Dual VCA, nRings, Super Signal Processor, X-1 Filter, 6080 VCO, VCO340, DIY Polivoks-inspired VCO, Grains (new panel), troika [Black & Gold Panel], Drone Machine - Handpainted, BMC13, Wave Animator, RING MOD, Steiner Microcon, Little Dieter, Moog Minitaur w/EXP, ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster, YM3812 V3, T-110 Timbre, CGS738 - Mangler, Super Warp Generator Tokyo 2015, Waveslicer, STEREO ENHANCER, Divebomb Delay V2, P-520 4ch(out) line , Quantoct Quad Quantizer, Touch Sensing Note Memory, Barton Simple Dual Quantizer Clarke Panel, User Writeable Quantizer, Vari-F.O, MISO, ASM322 - Velocitizer, ASM307 - LAG, DUAL VCLFO, MixVert8r, Multiple dual channels BY, Neuron - Single - Magpie white panel, Chopper, Disting mk3, Expert Sleepers Disting MK3 (alternate panel), ESX-8GT mk3, M-221 MIDI to clock synchronizer, M-217 Trig/gate to MIDI w. velocity, Modamp Module 1005, ECHO - DELAY (2018 revision), BMC014 Gate Delay/Looper, Clouds, Dual Neuron Difference Rectifier, Chipz, Cellz, A-140, A-143-9, Pulses Mk II, Neuron - Difference rectifier (papernoise panel), A-161, 2xVCA, VCF 2164, A-162, TAT cat soup ! A P C V3, Pico VCA, Ampmix, 1U Stereo Output Mixer, Pico ALOGIC, TEX MIX - 4 Stereo Channels, Space Bug M, BD88 Bass Drum, Bermuda, Radioactive, Rnd v2, ISD Sampler, Nostalgia, Penrose Quantizer, Radio Music, Radio Music, Magnétosphère, DIY Polivoks VCO II, Dual LFO, Black VCA V2, SWAMP, Forbidden Planet and Envelarp

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