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two voice fun and playEurorack
dreams and future plansEurorack
technobot (copy)Eurorack
Ed's Full rackEurorack
Will I ever settle on a rack set upEurorack
portable playthingEurorack
Pink Floyd ( the wall) - KeeanEurorack

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Switched or Gate CombinerEurorack

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Collection 121 modules

Pons Asinorum (Black), Altar, Pamela’s NEW Workout, ALM017-EX - Pexp-1, Fusion VCA2, Leap, Clep Diaz (Black w/ Jacks & LEDS), Elements, bOSC, ENVy, Desmodus Versio, Manis Iteritas (Black), Bloom, Chord v2, Quad LFO [Black], MiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope (Dark Edition), Anima, Planar 2, Stoicheia, Steppy, Scales, Turing Machine Mk II, A-182-1, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), O'Tool Plus, Voltage Block (Black Panel), Euclidean Circles v2, Lapsus Os, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), Rene Mk2, Praga, 6MIX, DIY Bassline, BD, ONE, Percall, Vox Digitalis, KNIT, RND STEP, Tune (Black Panel), A-138o, A-138p, JOVE, ALM015 - Akemie's Taiko, Mimeophon, A-160-2, Alan, Euclid, HONEYEATER, µMIDI, AI007 Quad Voltage Controlled Mixer VCA, Looping VCADSR, B2 Kick Drum / Bass Voice, Z8000 MK1, SWT16+, uO_C, Mumu, Mutable Instruments Ripples (Grayscale panel), ALM021 - MCO, Mutant Hihats (Original), Hat, Quad Pingable LFO, ENVELOPE, SLOPES, DUCK, EFI, ROW POWER 45, SUM 2, CEMVelope, More VCAs, CEM Osc, Whiteface, ALM008 - Pip Slope, A-185-2, Radio Music (Black Panel), ATT, MRG VCO, A-124, Discrete VCF, Ripples, Rack Plumber HD, BD808, SD808, CP909 (WHITE), TearApartTapes Mixer8 - 4x4, Knit (uPlaits), Macro VCO Matt Black 2020, ED701 - miniScope, A-160, A-161, Switched, QAT, MRG ADSR, QVCA, MRG 3360 VCA, Turing Machine, MRG LFOs, ALM016 - PE-1, Clouds, Delay, Tune, MS1010, M185 Sequencer, FX AID, Dixie II+, Rotating Clock Divider v2 (5VSEL Jumper set to EXT), RCD Breakout v1.1, A-151, Passive Mult, M.Mult, Trinity, Switched or Gate Combiner, DCO Black (2021), VCF/VCA 6 Black, Vector Sequencer, HiPass, XVI Euro 16 Channel CV/MIDI Fader Bank , Pachinko (Black), Sinc Bucina, Jack Expander and Pico DSP
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